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Yorkshire Grit - Donegal Herringbone Tweed

per half metre
Fabric Code: A3e20

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.


Yorkshire Grit - Donegal Herringbone Tweed this quintessential classic Donegal Tweed is but one of a small collection of new Yorkshire Tweed fabrics - created here in the epicentre of woollen fabric production - West Yorkshire. Expertly woven from the finest all-wool yarns and finished to produce a premium quality, soft but traditional wool hand.

Our new Donegal Herringbone Tweeds are a range of six gorgeous, 100% wool fabrics, new for 2022. They boast the same subtle warp yarn which is created by blending predominantly light grey fibres with multi tones of watery blue, green, pink, heather and pops of earthy red as subtle as a delicately painted watercolour - inspired by the Yorkshire countryside which has historically provided the ideal conditions for woollen fabric production.

This Yorkshire Grit is a heritage design, named because the rows of chevrons look like herrings' bones and natural yarn combination has a classic & smart look and sturdy feel. Smart and confident as the millstone buildings of mill towns, this fabric will create garments sure to stand the test of time.  


Yorkshire Grit is woven with a fabulous weft yarn of limestone grey Donegal yarn flecked with the signature 'neps' in rich red ochre- brown and sun-weathered gold like the Golden Shield lichen which clings to the weathered millstone grit of the countryside around the Pennines. This subtle mixture of the two yarns produces a fabulously interesting grey-beige overall tone and subtle definition to the design. This will sit with a myriad of colours and hues. If you think grey and beige are boring then look into the hidden depths of this stunner and prepare to be amazed.


Yorkshire Grit has a sturdy & stable handle with a traditional country woollen feel. Wool fabrics will naturally regulate the temperature of the wearer and protect from the outside elements. Naturally water repellent too, this fabric will also keep you dry as well as warm.

Garment Suggestions:

Calling all country tweed lovers. This first-rate fabric will make excellent classics, such as super-smart separates for country or town gents and ladies, field coats and jackets, waistcoats The Pattern Stash - Jemima Waistcoat hats, caps and so much more...

Boasting a medium/heavy drape quality that is perfect for creating a wide range of classic tweed items from classic skirts The Pattern Stash - Amelia Skirt pinafore dresses and shift dresses to longer-length garments such as overcoats and capes. Classic country woollens never date... For more modern styles create bomber jackets, and stylish pea coats -3/4 coats; perfect for smartening up jeans and shirt ensembles.

Other Uses:

If you love all things natural, then why not extend this country tweed into your accessories, perfect for neck warmers (add some snug fleece or flannel for the backing), make super-smart bags, hats and caps to complete the look.


Weight: Medium (Heavy Drape)

GSM: 328

Composition: 100% Wool

Width: 158cm / 62.2inch

Pattern repeat: 2cm / 0.78inch

View the other photographs to see the scale and know exactly what you're buying. Hover over the images for a closer look! 

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Why choose wool fabric? Benefits of sewing with Wool! 🐑

We love wonderful wool! Why? Because it looks beautiful, well yes but did you know wool has a series of superpowers that make it the most incredible natural fibre, suitable for more garment suggestions and sewing inspiration than possibly any other?

Wool has a unique naturally crimped 3D structure which attributes to some brilliant properties & makes it a great fabric to wear throughout all the seasons.

Naturally Breathable: This amazing 3D crimped structure promotes air circulation allowing air to pass through the fabric, allowing for circulation and ventilation for your skin to breathe, keeping you cool.

Shower Resistant: Sheep naturally produce a waxy substance called lanolin. As sheep live outdoors, this naturally occurring wax helps to protect sheep from the elements, naturally shedding water & keeping them dry. This same property is retained within the wool fibres when spun into yarn.

Moisture Absorbing: The moisture-retentive superpowers of wool! It’s hydrophilic core gives wool the ability to wick away moisture keeping you dry and comfortable – this possibly one of our favourite properties because you can stay fresh when wearing wool, from autumn right through to spring!

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