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Heart of Huddersfield 2023:

The Crosshatch Chronicles

Sewing Pattern Suggestions & Inspiration

Garment Suggestions for The Crosshatch Chronicles

The Crosshatch Chronicles are the perfect fabric for creating a multitude of garments for not only your winter wardrobe but from autumn right through to spring.

The Crosshatch Chronicles are closely woven, versatile 100% wool fabrics of a mediumweight and with a gentle tweedy feel that boasts a stable handle and soft enough drape to be trusted to form pretty gathers and serious pleats. Perfect for a plethora of sewing room projects, the Best Block Checks will always do as they are told. Wool of this kind is easy to sew and will stand the test of time.

Have fun with panelled garments, mix and match your favourite tones, or create an interesting visual focus by using on the bias. Alternatively, intertwine with legacy HoH wools for coordinated and cohesive palettes: Herringbones, Twill Meltons & Thistledown Marl. The soft drape of Thistledown Marl is ideal for the soft bias-cut roll collars - make sure to line sleeves and skirts for comfort, for the perfect layering garment!



Other Uses:

Style Inspiration:

Style Inspiration:

Heart of Huddersfield Fabric:
Wandering Way - Best Block Check

Sewing Pattern:
Scoop Pinafore - Sew Different

Heart of Huddersfield Fabric:
Autumn Fires - Best Block Check

Sewing Pattern:
Long Line Jacket - Sew Different

Heart of Huddersfield Fabric:
Dahlia Garden - Best Block Check

Sewing Pattern:
Swing Jacket - Sew Different

HoH 23: Best Block Checks

Autumn Fires

Dahlia Garden

Summer Heights

Treasure Box

Wandering Way

Nature's Course

Heart of Huddersfield & Warp Linen

Introducing complementary warp shades of new House Linen colours that coordinate perfectly