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Heart of Huddersfield 2023:

The Crosshatch Chronicles

Garments, Patterns & Inspiration

Treasure Box
Best Block Check

Fabworks Team Member: Tara
Heart of Huddersfield Fabric: Treasure Box - Best Block Check
Contrast Fabric: Flower Power Magenta - Warp Linen
Lining: Milady Damask - Jewel Jacquard
Sewing Pattern: Joti Duster Jacket - Sew Different

"Hi, I'm Tara the Mill Shop Manager at Fabworks. I made the Joti Duster Jacket from Sew Different patterns using the Treasure Box - Best Block Check wool. It's perfect for this make because the fabric is so stable."

"Having made the Joti Duster before, I wanted to push its boundaries slightly by using a heavier weight fabric, so I thought the Treasure Box would make it a really lovely winter staple for my wardrobe. Previously I made an unlined Linen version of the Joti."

"I love the Milady Damask lining, I think the colour and the multi-tonal effect of the lining fabric accentuates the different colours in the Treasure Box well, it was a natural choice to pair the two together. I also wanted to highlight the pink in the wool and pull the lining together so I chose the Flower Power Magenta Warp Linen to edge the jacket."

"I always get lots of comments whenever I wear it, it's a very swishy type of jacket and it's very very warm too. It's so easy to dress up and dress down, the Jacket looks great with jeans because of the blue base, but it also looks lovely with neutrals and black, the colours really pop out."

"One of my favourite things I've ever made, I'm really happy with it!"

Dahlia Garden
Best Block Check

Fabworks Team Member: Donna
Heart of Huddersfield Fabric: Dahlia Garden - Best Block Check
Contrast Fabric: Flower Power Magenta - Warp Linen
Lining: Star Shine - Jewel Jacquard
Sewing Pattern: Artist's Smock Top - Sew Different

“Hi, I’m Donna and I work in the Mill Shop. I chose to make the Artists Smock from Sew Different, I made it using Dahlia Garden - Best Block Check and the coordinating Warp Linen. I've made this Smock previously and I know that it works beautifully in Wool. I was slightly concerned what the bust darts would look like in the check, but they actually worked out quite neat as the pattern placement was really important to me.”

“I took a lot of time deciding which colour check was going to run down the centre front of my smock. If you're going to do this, it might be worth cutting out your fabric flat rather than cutting on the fold so you can see exactly where your checks are going.”

“I chose to make a plain sleeve using the warp linen to pick out the pink colour of the check, I thought it might look too much if the garment was all in the check fabric plus I didn’t want to worry about pattern matching the sleeves. I was a little concerned the warp linen might be too lightweight to sit alongside the wool of the bodice so I found a brushed back jersey we have in the Mill Shop to use as a thermal lining which would balance out the weight of the linen to sit next to the wool.”

“I’m so pleased with the overall outcome, I really took my time with the pattern placement on the pockets and I decided to use an edge in the linen just to highlight the pockets, I also decided to use a twin needle to sew all way round the pocket for a bit of extra detail.”

Summer Heights
Best Block Check

Fabworks Team Member: Mel
Heart of Huddersfield Fabric: Summer Heights - Best Block Check
Lining: Midweek Debonair - Jewel Jacquard
Sewing Pattern: Riva Jacket

"Hello I’m Mel, I work in the Mill Shop. I made the Riva Jacket by Sew Different in Summer Heights – Best Block Check. I made a toile of the pattern first because I'd never made it before. I did this just to check how the pattern was going to go together, I knew it would fit because it's not a fitted structured garment. I was very happy with the outcome and the pattern; it was easy to work with because each pattern piece is so big it made the pattern placement on the busy check easy."

"The pattern gave me opportunity to highlight certain features of the pattern by changing the direction of the fabric. I cut the pockets and the collar piece on the diagonal to make a feature of them and then pattern matched the side seams and shoulders."

"I'm very happy with the finished jacket, I found the wool tweed easy to work with. It didn't cause me any problems, because the fabric is so stable it stayed where I wanted it to. It’s a great make all round for those who might feel daunted by using an expensive and exclusive wool tweed because you can make it your own by placing the pattern pieces where you would feel comfortable, either attempting to match the check pattern or place it on the diagonal to avoid it!"

"I wear the jacket a lot, its perfect for the Mill Shop as a cosy warm layer and I always get loads of compliments on how nice it looks!"

Nature's Course
Best Block Check

Fabworks Team Member: Claudia
Heart of Huddersfield Fabric: Nature's Course - Best Block Check
Lining: Paisley Floral - Jewel Jacquard
Sewing Pattern: Vogue Skirts V8956

"I'm Claudia, self-confessed Fabworks-aholic! I work in the Mill Shop & Online, too. I loved being part of the team involved in creating this year’s Heart of Huddersfield collection. The block check designs came to life after looking at sample designs back in March 2023, we worked closely with the spinners to select rescued yarns that would complement each other to form the best of the best, and in turn creating The Best Block Checks."

"I was really excited to make a garment with The Crosshatch Chronicles, I wear blues and denims a lot, so Nature’s Course including both blue and grey tones is a perfect palette for me! The whole Heart of Huddersfield wool range is very easy to sew with and has a lovely luxury feel. I used Vogue pattern V8956 for this wrap-around skirt, it’s so easy and fits like a glove! I lined it with the Paisley Floral viscose fabric which made the skirt very comfortable to wear. I'm so pleased with how it turned out."

"I also upcycled a denim jacket that I already owned, and added covered pocket flaps, and machine quilted a piece to the back panel of the jacket to create this ensemble. I also then interwove a piece around the brim of my favourite hat using up the remaining scraps of fabric leftover from my skirt for a zero waste and coordinated style!"

Wandering Way
Best Block Check

Fabworks Team Member: Dawn
Heart of Huddersfield Fabric: Wandering Way - Best Block Check
Lining: Floriental - Jewel Jacquard
Sewing Pattern: Ilford Jacket - Friday Pattern Company

“Hi, my names Dawn, I’m the Fabric expert at Fabworks online, I write all the descriptions for the fabrics you see online. I made the Ilford jacket by Friday Pattern Co.”

“As a pattern I have had my eye on for quite some time, I was excited to get my scissors in. The pattern is aimed at beginners/intermediate sewists. I knew the pattern would not be a challenge for me as I have previously made other worker style jackets like this. The jacket is a simple boxy shape even the sleeves. This makes our Best Block Checks fabrics ideal because they are a square/check design, allowing creative freedom to play with the direction of the checks.”

“I decided to make a feature of the pockets (there are lots of pocket options to play with) by cutting some of them on the cross and added the quirky & useful details of a pen pocket/divider and added my own personal touch and embroidered patch featuring the wandering way wheatsheaves.”

“After studying the sleeve pattern, I thought they might be a little snug if I wanted to layer up underneath. So having already cut the sleeves I decided to add a central piece running from the shoulder seam to the cuff. I cut this on the cross to mirror the pocket detail.”

“Overall, this was a very satisfying make I adore my Wandering Way jacket and wear it often.”

Autumn Fires
Best Block Check

Fabworks Team Member: Chloe
Heart of Huddersfield Fabric Fabric: Autumn Fires - Best Block Check
Contrast Fabric: Cherry Pie Red - Warp Linen
Lining: Rococo Sunburst Swirls
Sewing Pattern: Amelia Skirt - The Pattern Stash

"Hi I'm Chloe, I work with the Fabworks Online team and I’m the creator of The Pattern Stash. I've used the Autumn Fires - Best Block Check to create an Amelia Skirt from The Pattern Stash."

"I was drawn to the vibrant autumnal colours of this fabric immediately and knew it would make a gorgeous Amelia Skirt. I already wear a lot of warm tones so I knew it would fit into my wardrobe beautifully. The fabric is so lovely to sew with being so stable and of a mediumweight, it was easy to handle under my sewing machine."

"I have to admit I was a little intimidated by the checks to begin with, so I thought what a fantastic opportunity to get creative with fabric placement. I think I pulled it off, the panelled sections of the Amelia Skirt are perfect for playing with and give a slimming affect by placing the checks on the diagonal down the centre front!"

"I also hacked this pattern with a lovely little bib front which was very easy to create. I'm loving wearing pinafore dresses at the moment they are such a great layer for across the seasons too, I could wear this with just a t-shirt or layer up with polo jumper and jacket. It’s so versatile!"

Autumn Fires
Best Block Check

Fabworks Team Member: Stephen
Heart of Huddersfield Fabric: Autumn Fires - Best Block Check
Shirt/Contrast Fabric: Cherry Pie Red - Warp Linen
Lining: Griffin Tile - Jewel Jacquard
Sewing Pattern: Belvedere Waistcoat - Thread Theory

"Hi, I’m Stephen, I work in the Mill Shop. I chose to make the Belvedere Waistcoat by Thread Theory. It’s very simple to make, there are lots of pocket options but I chose to leave them off, I wanted a waistcoat with cleaner lines especially on the busy block check fabric, it speaks for itself."

"I used the Autumn Fires - Best Block Check, alongside the lining Griffin Tile lining which is lovely to sew with too. I chose the autumn fires as I don’t tend to wear any orange or red, and thought it would be good to have a change as I loved the fabric instantly. I also paired it with the Cherry Pie Red - Warp Linen and made a self-drafted shirt which I’ve worn lots."

"The pattern calls for under-stitching on the armhole to stop the fabric from rolling over, if you’ve never done this before you can find clips on YouTube of how to do this, and gives the waistcoat a lovely finish. My most important tip for any pattern when working with a check fabric like this is spend some time positioning the pattern pieces on the check. Because it’s so bold it’s really important to get it right especially on the centre front, it’s the main focus of attention!"

"I’ve already worn my waistcoat a few times and been asked “Where can I get one?” so that’s always pleasing. I enjoyed making this waistcoat, it’s a nice simple pattern, just a few hours of lovely afternoon sewing!"

Images by Peter Buxton Photography