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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling confused? We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to make your Fabworks Online experience easier and to save you time.


How much is shipping?

If your fabric is being sent to a UK mainland address and the total cost of your order is under £70.00 shipping is an additional £4.99. If the total cost of your order is over £70.00 we offer a complementary shipping service.

If your fabric is being delivered outside of UK mainland see our Shipping Info page for prices and all information that you will need to know before placing your order.

We have done our best to provide you with the best possible shipping service that we can! Our system will automatically work out whether you qualify for free delivery. For all shipping info see the Shipping Info page


Can I return fabric that I have ordered?

Fabworks does not offer refunds or returns unless the goods provided are faulty. All fabrics are cut to order as per the specification on your order. For all online products we provide as much detail as possible to give a clear description of the item, using our vast knowledge and experience. We strongly recommend that you order a Sample (all samples are 12cm x 20cm unless stated) of every fabric to assess its suitability before ordering a Cut Length. The sample service provided is to there to support you in picking a suitable fabric and allows you to make sure that the fabric is exactly as you expect and fit for your intended purpose. We do not offer returns on Sample or Cut Length fabrics. If you have a problem or would like to discuss this further, please contact us as soon as possible.


Click & Collect / Collecting your order in-store:

If you are a UK customer you can order fabric online and collect your order from Fabworks Mill Shop in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Simply select the Pick up option under Delivery Method when viewing your Cart, before checking out. This is a free service, meaning that you don't have to pay for shipping, but you do have to collect your order in person. Please wait until you have received an email confirming that your order is ready. Note that your order confirmation email is not the same as your click & collect confirmation email. We estimate 24 hours from original time of placing your order before Click & Collect orders will be ready.

If not collected, we hold all Click & Collect orders for 6 months after original order date.


How to order the correct quantity / Can I buy fabric in half metres?

Due to increased demand, Fabworks has recently made the switch to provide almost all fabrics in half metre units, however there are a few exceptions where a fabric may only be available to order in full metre units. When viewing fabrics online the price will be specified either by per metre or by per half metre. When ordering any fabric that is sold by the half metre if you require 2.5m please order 5 x 0.5m cut length. We have added this half metre option to facilitate your needs. Fabrics will always be sent as one continuous length, unless otherwise stated.

If you are visiting Fabworks Mill Shop most fabrics are available to buy in units of 0.25m.


What if I need to add a note to my order? (not delivery-related)

Before completing your order, please attach any details on the 'Your Cart' page by clicking on 'Add a note to your order'. You will find that option below the products listed in your cart. We would strongly advise that you to contact us prior to placing your order if you have specific requests (non delivery related) as we aim to send all orders are sent within 24 hours.


I have a special delivery request for my order!

Once you have received your email and/or text message confirmation of dispatch you will have the option to specify any special delivery requirements. Delivery requirements are between you (the customer) and DPD Local (the courier) only. Fabworks is not responsible for any miscommunication when it comes to specific delivery requirements. Please do not add delivery requests to the Notes section of your order (see above), wait until your order has been confirmed with the courier to then make necessary delivery changes via the text/email messages.

Please note that if you live outside the EU your order will be sent using a shipping broker and the courier will not always be the same. We will provide more information about your order once it is en route.


Can I order samples? 

Yes, samples are available at Fabworks Online. Each sample is approximately 12cm x 20cm and cost £1.00 each. There are a few exceptions where samples will be £2.00 each (usually exclusive or very high end fabrics).

Click here for all info about Fabworks Online's sample service

Postage is free for all sample orders being delivered to UK addresses. Samples to countries outside the UK will incur necessary standard sample shipping rates, please see the International Sample Shipping Index.

Click here for the shipping price list for UK and International sample and cut length orders


Can I order a swatch book or view a catalogue or products?
Fabworks does not have pattern books or sample books to distribute due to the fact that the majority of our stock has come from deadstock. Deadstock means that the fabrics are not in regular/consistent production and therefore are non-repeatable. Average starting stock for all Online products is 40m (approx.), so sell through rates are quick and thus swatch books and catalogues will soon become out of date. If there's anything you've seen Online that you really like, I would suggest ordering samples (£1 each) or trialling 0.5m of each fabric, to be able to see and feel the fabric in person, before going ahead and ordering the required length. Do keep in mind that stock turns over fast so don't leave it too long between ordering samples and cut lengths.


What is Fabric of The Month (FoTM):

At the beginning of every month Fabworks brings you a new Fabric of The Month. This feature runs for one month (first day to last day) of every month, offering one or multiple fabrics from a collection at a reduced price. We always try to keep the FoTM offer relevant, on-trend and affordable.

This offer also extends to Fabworks Mill Shop. If you are a Fabworks Mill Shop customer you can play with the fabric in person when you visit the shop. Click here to see our current FoTM offering!


Can I re-order the same fabric if it's sold out?

Fabworks can only stock fabrics once, 99% of the time we never re-stock, sorry! This is our unique selling point, some love it, some hate it! We cannot restock our fabrics once they are sold out. All fabrics at Fabworks are one-offs and often exclusive to Fabworks, only limited stock available. The good news is that there's always something new to see! Please contact us directly for any specific requests is possible to re-stock a fabric.


Washing my fabric!

Due to the nature of buying surplus and deadstock fabrics Fabworks does not buy directly from a fabric's original manufacturer, meaning that fabrics arrive to us without specific care/washing instructions attached. All information that is provided online, or from staff directly, is based on our own knowledge. We provide the best possible service that we can and give advice as a guideline and not as a guarantee. If we were able to provide comprehensive care/washing instructions this would be reflected with higher prices, as is seen from other retailers who provide regular stock repeatable items. Learn more about Fabworks' surplus & deadstock fabric sourcing here ♻

We do advise washing your fabric prior to making up/using your fabrics, but only if you will be need to wash your fabrics once your fabrics/project has been completed. In such instances as with wool, we advise a pre-wash before cutting. A pre-wash is advised for all fabrics/items that will be laundered once made up. Be careful to check washing temperatures online, some natural fibres are prone to shrinkage and a certain amount of dye loss in their first wash if they are not washed at the correct temperature or with the correct detergents. We recommend washing in strict colour groups (try with non-bio washing powder if unsure). Although all fabrics that Fabworks provide are finished by a finishing mill (as is required, by its original manufacturers) there may still be some change to a fabric's properties once washed by you.

To conduct your own tests, start by cutting a small square of fabric and measure the dimensions accurately. Then wash it the way that you would usually wash this type of fabric, as if it were a garment. Once washed, leave to dry naturally. Once dry, measure the size of the small square once again and compare the size to see if there is any change in the fabric. If shrunk, make allowances for washing the remaining fabric.

For very open/loosely woven/knitted fabrics we do not advise washing as the fibres are prone to severe shrinkage and would not normally be washed once made up as garments. If you feel the need to wash such fabrics, we do stress that you wash a small sample sized piece first. Fabworks is not liable for any damage caused to fabric once it is the possession of the customer.


Staying up to date with all the latest Fabworks news

For regular updates via email with latest news, offers, discounts, promotions, new fabrics and more, sign up to the Fabworks Bulletin -  it's free and always fun without any spam.

For regular informative and creative updates about what we're up to follow our social media pages: Facebook Instagram TikTok


What discounts are available?

Find all our reduced fabrics in the Clearance Section. Other offers that do not fall into Clearance are promoted through The Fabworks Bulletin.


What benefits do I get from a Fabworks Online account? 

A Fabworks Online account allows you to purchase fabric at any time, as long as you are logged in. The account is for ease of use only; you will not receive any spam email from us if you create an account nor will we use your data for any third party or advertising purposes. You do not have to create an account to buy fabrics at Fabworks Online.


Is there a student discount? 

Fabworks Online does not offer a student discount.


What are the charges for credit/debit cards? 

Fabworks Online does not charge for using credit or debit cards.


What can I do if I can't find the fabric that I’m looking for? 

If you are looking for a particular fabric that does not appear on Fabworks Online, you can call into Fabworks Mill Shop or send us an email and we will do our best to provide you with what you are looking for.

Primarily, Fabworks is a mill shop. All of our stock is one-off and of limited availability that you will not find anywhere else, and once they're gone you and won't be able to find them again. We provide an ever-changing and diverse range of fabrics; therefore, quantities and colourways will always tend to vary.


How accurate are the product photographs? 

Much of our time has been invested into product photography. With professionally taken photographs, our product images are as close a representation to the actual fabric as possible. If you do have any doubts and are unsure about a fabric's colouring or detailing, you can order a sample. This will allow you to make an informed decision and get up close & personal with the fabric before ordering a cut length. Note that computer or tablet screens display images based on their default picture settings, make sure that you have a sensible tolerance set prior to browsing as this may distort how products look on-screen.


How much fabric do I need to buy?

If you are buying fabric to follow a particular pattern for making a garment then we suggest following the guidelines recommended in your commercial pattern template. Remember that fabric with pattern repeats and/or nap or pile will require an additional quantity for accurate results. Please also allow for fabric shrinkage, as we do recommend washing dressmaking fabrics prior to cutting or sewing.


What is a pattern repeat and why is it relevant?

A pattern repeat is the length from where a pattern starts to where it begins to repeat. Pattern repeats are extremely important to allow for matching your patterned pieces together. In general, the larger the pattern, the larger the quantity required for a garment if you are pattern matching. Accurate pattern matching in a finished garment will give you a more professional, polished result!


Can I buy the same fabric in a different colour?

If we stock a fabric that comes in multiple colours, we will always offer all of the colourways that are available. We are not able to reorder fabric that we have previously stocked. Please bear this is mind when purchasing samples or planning for future purchases. Students, especially, watch out for this! We cannot guarantee that there will always be the required colourway or quantity available at a later date if you have previously sampled the fabric.


Can I find out more information about fabric composition?

Fabworks stock is not sourced from manufacturers; we do not have access to specific compositions or care instructions for any of our fabrics. All of our fabric descriptions are based on our vast knowledge of textiles. In the individual product descriptions we offer as much information as we feel is necessary. In instances where Fabworks does have the composition label of a fabric we will always give this information on the individual product page.


What happens if I cannot order the quantity of fabric that I need?

If you cannot order the required quantity of a particular fabric through the website, please contact us and we will endeavour to do our best to provide you with the fabric that you are looking for or advise you towards a suitable alternative.


Buying soft furnishings for the home (curtaining and upholstery fabrics)

We have always been very proud of our collection of soft furnishing fabrics available at Fabworks Mill Shop. We have had such a fantastic quality of stock of late that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to put these fabric Online!

You can purchase a wide selection of printed velvets and linen curtaining fabrics as well as printed cottons and polyester plaids available online in the Furnishing section now! We even stock a wide variety of double-width fabrics! Prices range from £16-£28 per metre, sold in half metre units unless otherwise stated.


How can I visit Fabworks Mill Shop in Dewbsury?

Fabworks Mill Shop is a three minute walk from Dewsbury train station and a ten minute walk from the Dewsbury bus station. Head to the Visiting Fabworks Mill Shop page and you can use the interactive map there to see the exact location of the Fabworks Mill Shop site. You will also find our opening hours, as well as our address and postcode.

To learn more about Fabworks the company and Fabworks Mill Shop see our About Us page.


How do I get Fabworks' latest info and updates? 

To keep up-to-date with all the latest Fabworks news sign up to The Fabworks Bulletin. All you need is an email address and we'll keep you up-to-date with everything we know you'd love to hear about – latest news, stock availability, fabrics exclusive to Fabworks, and bargain deals. There will be no spam emails attached to this and you can unsubscribe at any time. The Fabworks Bulletin is sent every 4-8 weeks.

Follow our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates of new stock, quirks and behind the scenes bits at Fabworks.

For more Fabworks Mill Shop related content follow our Facebook page.

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I’ve changed my mind, how do I cancel my order?

To cancel an order, make sure that you contact us immediately. If the order has already been processed and dispatched we cannot alter/cancel your order. Orders placed before 1:30pm will be sent the same day and so we must be made aware of any amendments/cancellations as soon as possible.

Make sure that you alert us as soon after completing your order as you can and we will try to agree to a solution. Please note that Fabworks does not offer returns or refunds. You can also get in touch with us via email on enquiries@fabworksonline.co.uk


If you have any further questions, or a query that does not appear on this page, please get in touch via the Contact Us page here