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Heart of Huddersfield 2023

Collection Page

Individual collections of HoH alongside complementary Warp Linens & luxurious lining fabrics

Sample Packs

Try before you buy with our sample packs. Featuring variations of HoH alongside complementary Warp Linens for winning combinations

Autumn Fires

Rich and warming hues that keeps us cosy inside and out, with a reassuring palette of the fiery tones that we associate with the autumnal season.

Dahlia Garden

Take yourself off to our traditional allotment plot in late summer and early autumn where you will find yourself in awe of the profusion of colour-blocked perfection, created by a display of prize-winning Dahlias in pretty pinks & purples.

Summer Heights

Be uplifted by the vibrant allure of luxurious teal and turquoise shades that create a captivating collage and exude opulence and versatility.

Wandering Way

A colour combination that encapsulates the quintessence of mother nature. The glorious greenery embodies feel-good thoughts of open fields ripening in the mellow sunshine. Embrace the evergreen charm of nature's palette and its bountiful goodness with its the timeless and elegant enduring appeal.

Nature's Course

Blue like the seas, the mountain lakes, the cool skies of winter and dreamy cloudless skies of summer, all represented through night-time navy, aqua and cobalt true blue hues.

Treasure Box

If you're craving a riot of colour, discover a treasure trove of jewel-like tones, harmoniously tessellated for an irresistible and eye-catching ensemble. Embrace its exuberance and playfulness, allowing you to indulge in a celebration of vibrant, bold and extraordinary pieces.