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One-Off Linen Rolls

Featuring a range of One-Off premium quality linens, expertly detailed with accurate product descriptions, we're sure you'll appreciate these superb & unique fabrics

About This Collection

Sourcing premium quality linen fabric has been tricky in recent years, so we're over the moon to be able to present you with these completely unique one-off pieces

Pure: 100% pure linen, with no other textile fibres present

Variety: Full spectrum of colours & styles in classic linen fabrics

Pieces not Lengths: Sold as full pieces only, priced per piece. No cutting

Utterly Unique: 1 unit available of each fabric. Add 1 to cart to purchase total length specified, ranging from 1.2m to 9.9m*

Quality: Sourced from a top name in European linen manufacturing, we guarantee the quality is superb. All thoroughly checked for quality control with unique product description & detailing

* Some fabrics are duplicated, as they were delivered to Fabworks with multiple pieces on one roll. We have separated and broken these down into multiple units in order to create multiple products, allowing you flexibility when ordering

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Fabworks Online

April 2024 we launched our biggest ever product collection with this exclusive Online event, and early access for subscribers

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One-Off Linen Rolls

Buy unique rolls of 100% linen fabrics individually priced and described by our team of experts. Each piece is one of one in a wide variety of colours and styles, there's something for everyone and every project.

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Fabworks Mill Shop

Visit us in our wonderful Mill Shop you'll find even more exquisite quality One-Off Linen rolls, some of which are even larger than those at Fabworks Online. There's also a selection of smaller linen remnants suitable for crafting and small projects.

Providence Mills
Bradford Street
West Yorkshire, England
WF13 1EN

Reasons Why We Love Linen

  • Breathable
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Durable
  • Resistant to moths & pests
  • Stain resistant
  • Doesn't pill
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Natural aesthetic appeal of slubs
Linen's breathability, durability, and aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice for a wide range of textile projects, including clothing and home furnishing

Sourcing The One-Off Linen

At a time when linen is increasingly difficult to source, we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you another beautiful and unique collection of pure linen fabrics.

This fabric is not cut to order and in fact is sold as a piece (not by the length), due to the nature of its existence being manufacturing surplus. Completely unique, there is one piece of almost every fabric (some have two pieces). Take your pick from quirky and never-seen-before one-offs, with pieces varying from 1m to 10m.

This special collection of 100% linen fabric has come from one of Europe’s finest linen manufacturers. The quality is superb and the range is vast, but stock is extremely limited. If you were here for our One-Off Linen Rolls in August 2023, you'll know the levels of quality!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is our biggest ever release of new products in a one-off event, eclipsing Fabworks Online's Birthday Event in November 2023. Featuring superb quality, extremely limited one-off pieces, it's been a mammoth effort from all the team over the past few months to get these linens ready and we're so excited to show you what we've been able to create for you
  • After receiving a range of feedback when we last launched previous collections in summer 2023, this time we have opted for a 5pm Friday launch for the Online collection as we believe that this is the fairest time that allows everyone an equal opportunity to browse and buy these fabrics
  • There will be one launch only. No further items will be added to this collection post-launch, allowing you to see everything available (last time we had a launch day 1 and launch day 2). This time = one launch only
  • All One-Off Linens are sold on a first come first served basis, we are not able to reserve these fabrics for you
  • Fabworks will be closed upon the launch of the Online collection, meaning that we will not be able to reply to any enquiries via the Live Chat, sorry!
  • There is only 1 unit of each individual product online, some of the One-Off Linens are presented as 2 separate lengths, this is exactly how they arrived to us. We have kept all pieces of the same linen fabric together, to facilitate your sewing needs
  • Minimum length of all One-Off Linen Rolls available Online is 1.2m
  • Maximum length of all One-Off Linen Rolls available Online is 9.9m
  • This special Fabworks feature is only accessible Online via the special access link sent to you via The Fabworks Bulletin, to ensure that all loyal Bulletin subscribers get first pick, as always
  • Take advantage of your early access! The exclusive Online collection will be made available to the general public and advertised as such from Monday 8th April onwards