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European Countries Shipping - Non EU

On this page you will find all information relating to Fabworks Online shipment and delivery services to European countries not in the European Union

Shipping Information Page: Non-EU Countries in Europe

We currently ship to all Non-European countries. If you would like to place an order and cannot see your country as an option at checkout, please contact us directly here and we will make any necessary arrangements to send fabric to you!

Shipping Costs DEPOSIT - Cut Length Fabric Orders💱

Shipping is charged at a flat rate. This applies to all orders that have products that are not Samples, such as Cut Length, Matching Thread, Scarves, Throws, etc.

The shipping cost is a DEPOSIT that we will partially refund to you once your order has been dispatched and the exact shipping cost has been calculated. As Fabworks Online is committed to being transparent, you will be charged at the same rate (or less) than what it costs us to send goods to you. Shipping costs vary depending on the volumetric size (dimensions + weight) of the order, with all orders packaged in the most efficient way.

Once your order has been dispatched you will receive confirmation of your partial refund via email, the shipping deposit will be partially refunded via the same method that you paid for your order. The shipping deposit is to ensure that the necessary costs are covered for us to be able to send your order.

Shipping Costs - Sample Only Orders 📩

If you would like to only order samples of fabric to test them, before buying Cut Length fabrics, the shipping cost for samples only to Non-EU is £5.00 per order.

All international sample orders are sent the same way that UK sample orders are sent: in an envelope First Class stamped. For very large sample orders we may package your samples in a small mailer bag. All sample orders will incur the necessary shipping costs for the destination country. We regret that we cannot refund the cost of samples, unless the product's Cut Length option is sold out. Click here for further information about Fabworks Online's sample service.

How can I get free delivery? 🚛

Shipping costs depend on the total cost of your order. Unfortunately we cannot currently offer free shipping for some countries. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see our Shipping Cost Index to see the shipping costs for your destination zone. 

Is there a minimum order to qualify for delivery? 💸

There is no minimum order for delivery, although please bear in mind that each separate order will incur the necessary shipping costs.

Packaging your order 📦

All Fabworks Online orders are securely packaged. We know how important it is to keep your fabrics safe and ensure that each order is thoroughly wrapped. We are currently using two plastic mailer bags (made from 80% reclaimed materials) to pack each order. Each mailer bag is 100% recyclable ♻

Customs & receiving your order 🛂

TBC - we are working on a new system to facilitate all Non-EU customer needs. If you are not able to place an order and would like to, please contact us directly with any urgent enquiries.

Returns Policy 📤

Fabworks Online offers a comprehensive online ordering service, consisting of clear & concise product descriptions, access to a full range of samples, and friendly customer service team on hand to offer support if you are considering a purchase.

Returns can only be processed if you have contacted us and we have agreed for you to return an item. We may refuse returns if it is outside the 14 day returns period. Please do not return goods without contacting us first. Due to the nature of returns; processing time, volume of work required to return and restock products, and handling custom-cut fabric lengths, all returns will incur a compulsory processing fee of 20% of the value of goods returned.

Contacting us (before confirming your order) 📧

Fabworks Online's friendly team will help you with anything that you need before you confirm your order. Please contact us if you are unsure or would like advice before ordering. Do not place an order if you are unsure about anything, as all orders are prepared as soon as they are confirmed.

Shipping Cost Index 📇


Order Value

Shipping Deposit

Delivery Time 

All Non-EU Countries

(in Europe)

Samples only

£0 - £200

£200 - £500

£500.01 +





4 - 10 days

4 - 10 days

4 - 10 days

4 - 10 days