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Here you will find frequently asked questions and their relevant answers relating to the entire HoH range of Fabworks exclusive wools.

Quick facts:
  • Designed and commissioned by Fabworks
  • Exclusive to Fabworks
  • All Wool composition
  • Spun in Huddersfield
  • Woven in Huddersfield
  • Finished in Huddersfield
  • Five coordinating collections
  • Six different fabric types / weaves
  • Heart of Huddersfield is trademarked by Fabworks


Fabworks Online

When ordering any of the Heart of Huddersfield wools at Fabworks Online note that all cut lengths are sold in HALF METRE UNITS. Please double check your calculations when placing an order. For example 3 x 0.5m cut length = 1.5m . All fabrics will be sent in one continuous length. This is not the normal Fabworks method, as 99% of other Fabworks Online fabrics are sold by the full metre. Fabworks will not be held responsible for incorrect calculations made by customers. 


Fabworks Mill Shop

If you are visiting Fabworks Mill Shop between Monday 9th - Friday 13th September to see the HoH fabrics there will be a member of the mill shop staff team acting as our Heart of Huddersfield Ambassador, whose sole purpose is to help you navigate your way around the collection, answer any relevant questions and prepare your fabric for you when you are in-store.

The minimum cut for HoH wools at Fabworks Mill Shop is 0.25m. There are no samples available to buy at Fabworks Mill Shop.



Samples are available at Fabworks Online at the cost of £2.00 per sample. Sample shipping to UK customers is free.

Shipping outside the UK is charged at the standard shipping rate. Click here for shipping rates outside the UK.


Extra customer goodies

For every customer purchasing fabrics from the HoH range they will receive a FREE embroidered sew-in label to show off their bespoke makes.



All the Heart of Huddersfield wools are  £12.50-£14.00 per half metre, £25.00-£28.00 per full metre. 


Making an informed decision

When designing the exclusive Heart of Huddersfield range we specified every small detail, such as the marl of the yarn, the weight of the yarn, the variety of colour combinations and the texture of each weave. To ensure that you are delighted with your luxury fabric, we have used a high quality camera to showcase all the colours that are visible in the weave. Cycle through the product photos for a clear impression of each fabric’s individual properties.


Caring for your HoH wools

Dry clean only. Treat this fabric like your most expensive woollen coat! You would not just throw it in the washing machine would you? Lightly brushing with a soft clothes brush will help to keep your special woollen fabrics in tip-top condition. Take extra care with the intricate weave of the Birdseye fabrics.


Five coordinating collections


Five different weaves


Harris Herringbones; Fabworks Online exclusive & Fabworks Mill Shop exclusive fabrics

Strictly speaking this fabric is not 100% Heart of Huddersfield, as the name suggests it has links to the Isle of Harris, the only location where Harris Tweed is allowed to be manufactured to gain its orb stamp. Woven and finished in the same Huddersfield mills as the rest of the beautiful Heart of Huddersfield range, the yarn of the Harris Herringbones is from Harris itself, hence the name Harris Herringbone. This means that the spinning process (one of the primary stages in fabric manufacture) took place 450 miles north of Fabworks, on the Isle of Harris. The Harris yarns arrived in Huddersfield and each process hereafter has been through the same processes as the rest of the Heart of Huddersfield fabrics. Only the yarn is different. This fabric is not Harris Tweed, more like a Harris yarn tweed that has been woven in Huddersfield.

Note that there are six Harris Herringbones available at Fabworks Online, these are exclusive to Fabworks Online customers and not available at Fabworks Mill Shop. Fabworks Mill Shop has its own exclusive collection of Harris Herringbones that are not available to buy at Fabworks Online. Visit us at the mill shop to view and buy the colours, weaves and to view these exclusives. All the Harris Herringbones are extremely limited in stock. 


If you cannot find the answer to your specific Heart of Huddersfield queries please refer to our general FAQs page or Contact Us