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Heart of Huddersfield 2022: The 12 Herringbones - Overview + FAQs

Introducing our Heart of Huddersfield 2022!

Say hello to our Mist & Storm Herringbones! Available exclusively at Fabworks!

This year marks our fourth year of HoH & we bring to you twelve 100% Wool Herringbone Tweeds. 

Six of the twelve herringbones feature a soft misty grey warp, that form the Mist Herringbones. The other six feature a dark stormy grey warp and form the Storm Herringbones.

The Mist Herringbone range takes their name from Morning Mist - Marled Melton (Valley Mist Collection). Originally seen in our very first HOH released in 2019, using the same light grey warp yarn. 

The pale mist grey yarn is like mist rising from the high hills of a fresh Yorkshire morning. Grounding and reliable as the Yorkshire people. This light grey makes the perfect contrast to our naturally inspired colours that we have selected by hand for you. 

The Storm Herringbone range takes their name from Thunderbridge Storm - Marled Melton (Valley Mist Collection). Originally seen in our very first HOH released in 2019 using the same dark grey warp yarn. 

The deep storm grey yarn, dark grey warp relates, historically seen in our landscape, to the soot-stained dark satanic mills, reflected in steel grey puddles on the surrounding millstones, ground with Yorkshire grit. 

Dark and Smokey like our Thunderbridge Storm 2, dramatic as a Yorkshire storm. The dark grey warp is bold and powerful, producing a more dramatic effect and deeper contrast with the lighter weft yarns.  

We're very proud of this year's collection, we hope you love them as much as we do! 

Our Herringbones are Yorkshire-made, in the "Heart of Huddersfield". Spun, woven, dyed, and finished all within eight miles of Fabworks, made in Yorkshire mills by Yorkshire folk! 

Read our latest blog post here to get the inside scoop on these new Herringbone fabrics.

This years HOH collection is a closely woven, versatile fabric with a medium weight and a gentle woolly feel that boasts a stable handle and drape to be trusted to form pretty gathers. Perfect for a plethora of sewing room projects and will always do as they are told. Wool of this kind is easy to sew and will stand the test of time.

Two consecutive years of solid hued fabrics means we can now enhance our HOH range by including those lovely iconic Herringbone Tweeds - which are actually a version of the twill weave, used for clothing and accessories for centuries, they remain timeless classics.

This produces subtle lighter and darker tones where the yarns pass under and over each other. There is definitely “more to this than meets the eye” in this subtly-textured, high quality wool. 

If colour theory is a little daunting, you can temper the saturated colours with reliable neutrals from the range of Marled and Yorkshire Meltons available. Choose from: Morning Mist, Evening Mist and Thunderbridge Storm 2 (Coming soon) - Marled Meltons and Mill Soot - Yorkshire Melton. Natures Best - Thistledown Marl Boucle is a lovely marled natural fabric with varying grey speckles.

Below is the list of all twelve herringbones for 2022, they contrast and complement each other as well as the existing HOH Fabrics.


If you are a dedicated follower of fashion trends or have your own unique style, we are all subliminally influenced by what’s going on around us. Do you notice the fashion styles in the high street store windows? Or maybe your brain simply picks up on a particular colour in your Sunday supplement which triggers a memory or stirs an emotion? We are all affected by colour; its ability to comfort, soothe, calm, invigorate, enliven and empower is everywhere.

Fashions come and go (and circle back around), and presently we are seeing influence’s from nearly four decades. From the Bohemian, arty styles of the ‘70s, to the big power dressed look of the ‘80s or the pared down styles of the ‘90s and the relaxed sporty styles of the ‘00s, they are all being seen.

If you’re a classic key pieces fan or keep an eye on the current trends, our Huddersfield Herringbones is the ideal all wool fabric for the job. Like all the other family members in the HOH range this fabric will stand the test of time.

Browse the collection & take pleasure from planning your unique Yorkshire-made woolly fabric creations.

Garment Making & Pattern Suggestions:

This simply stunning treasure box collection will make wonderful coats, waistcoats, gilets, pullover style hoodies, shackets and jackets from bomber jackets and blousons with feminine gathers to classic blazers.

The lustrous sheen of the Huddersfield Herringbones will look so luxurious when gently pleated or gathered in these softly refined full styles. Think of these as an alternative to your usual sporty bomber jacket. Oversized or long line jackets are another excellent suggestion for this malleable cosy all wool fabric. Create striking silhouettes in solid block colours or add contrasting elements – sleeves, hip bands, welt pockets and cuffs for jewel box combinations. Add a jewel-hued lining from our SOS collection, each fabric in the collection has their own specially selected range of fine quality linings, perfectly colour coordinating!

Dressmakers, Reenactors, Costumiers, Interior Designers, Craftspeople and all lovers of textiles will find an abundance of uses for this first-rate herringbone; Taking you through A/W and into Spring, after all wool has natural water-repelling and temperature-regulating properties. Relaxing when steamed and contracting when cooled, wool allows for flexibility in areas such as elbows on jackets and pleats & gathers on skirts, giving you the freedom to create custom fits for a variety of garments.

Perfect for fashioning classic outerwear and hard-wearing separates. Start off with simple, stylish waistcoats, pencil skirts or A-line skirts. Add a complementary lining for garments that will soon become perennial favourites. Tried and tested, these medium-weight materials have a variety of stylish and practical uses, from clothing and accessories to home furnishings and so much more.This range of strong colours was created to supplement and enhance our earlier HOH collections. Meaning we have something for everyone in the Heart of Huddersfield!




The CoatPea Coat, Collared CapeSeptember CoatClassic Coat, Bernard Coat


Biker Cardi JacketSwing Jacket, Cocoon JacketThe BlazerAurora JacketCaribou CapeThayer JacketForeman Jacket

Dresses & Skirts

Triple Tuck, Folia Frock, Artista DressAmelia Skirt, Ivy SkirtWrap SkirtsFolkwear Kilts

Assorted Separates 

Jemima WaistcoatCordelia TrousersBelvedere Waistcoat 


Frame BagWeekend Bag, The Craggan Mens Messenger Bag



Quick facts:
  • Designed and commissioned by Fabworks
  • Exclusive to Fabworks
  • All Wool composition
  • Spun in Huddersfield
  • Woven in Huddersfield
  • Finished in Huddersfield
  • Five coordinating collections
  • Six different fabric types / weaves
  • Heart of Huddersfield is trademarked by Fabworks


Fabworks Online

When ordering any of the Heart of Huddersfield wools at Fabworks Online note that all cut lengths are sold in HALF METRE UNITS. Please double check your calculations when placing an order. For example 3 x 0.5m cut length = 1.5m . All fabrics will be sent in one continuous length. This is not the normal Fabworks method, as 99% of other Fabworks Online fabrics are sold by the full metre. Fabworks will not be held responsible for incorrect calculations made by customers. 


Fabworks Mill Shop

If you are visiting Fabworks Mill Shop between Monday 9th - Friday 13th September to see the HoH fabrics there will be a member of the mill shop staff team acting as our Heart of Huddersfield Ambassador, whose sole purpose is to help you navigate your way around the collection, answer any relevant questions and prepare your fabric for you when you are in-store.

The minimum cut for HoH wools at Fabworks Mill Shop is 0.25m. There are no samples available to buy at Fabworks Mill Shop.



Samples are available at Fabworks Online at the cost of £2.00 per sample. Sample shipping to UK customers is free.

Shipping outside the UK is charged at the standard shipping rate. Click here for shipping rates outside the UK.


Extra customer goodies

For every customer purchasing fabrics from the HoH range they will receive a FREE embroidered sew-in label to show off their bespoke makes.



All the Heart of Huddersfield wools are  £12.50-£14.00 per half metre, £25.00-£28.00 per full metre. 


Making an informed decision

When designing the exclusive Heart of Huddersfield range we specified every small detail, such as the marl of the yarn, the weight of the yarn, the variety of colour combinations and the texture of each weave.

To ensure that you are delighted with your luxury fabric, we have used a high quality camera to showcase all the colours that are visible in the weave. Cycle through the product photos for a clear impression of each fabric’s individual properties.


Caring for your HoH wools

Dry clean only. Treat this fabric like your most expensive woollen coat! You would not just throw it in the washing machine would you? Lightly brushing with a soft clothes brush will help to keep your special woollen fabrics in tip-top condition. Take extra care with the intricate weave of the Birdseye fabrics.


Five coordinating Collections:


HOH 2019:
HOH 2020:
HOH 2021:
HOH 2022:
If you cannot find the answer to your specific Heart of Huddersfield queries please refer to our general FAQs page or Contact Us