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Ex-designer linen and cotton blend fabric in sky blue and white with a running stitch border. Light Oxford style weave provides a cool, breathable feel with a stable drape. Ideal for creating summer classics and year-round staples. Garment suggestions include shirts, dresses, trousers, and smocks. Also suitable for home linens and embroidery projects. Available in various pastel tones.
Oxford Linen & Cotton Running Stitch Border - Sky Blue

26 testimonios
£6.00 per half metre
Linen & Viscose Crinkle Gauze - Raspberry Meringue

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£4.00 per half metre
Linen & Cotton Warp Linen Twill - Swallow Teal

2 testimonios
£5.00 per half metre
Linen-Look Polycotton - Sandstone

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£2.50 per half metre