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HoH23: The Crosshatch Chronicles

6 gorgeous 100% wool tweeds Best Block Checks, together form The Crosshatch Chronicles.

Block checks are great for adding more colour to stand-alone pieces. A carefully curated pattern repeat that is bold enough to make a statement but not too much to cause a problem. Use colour-rich designs to create straight lines and unorthodox uniform styles, or use on the bias to create interesting details and slimming illusions.

HoH22: The Herringbones

Twelve gorgeous woollen tweeds form the 2022 Herringbone collection.

This collection showcases a perfect combination of a classic Herringbone weave in our carefully selected colours, to give a nostalgic nod to our very first HoH Collection.

HoH21: The Jewels of Yorkshire

The Jewels of Yorkshire are solid, bold-coloured fabrics, perfect for lifting your winter wardrobe! 

Take a close look to see a wealth of weaving expertise is revealed in these superb block coloured fabrics. The lightly brushed yarns are closely woven in a complex herringbone weave, creating the Twill Melton collection.

HoH20: Thistledown Marl

The second collection in the Heart of Huddersfield fabric family, Thistledown Marl is like a demi-bouclé.

With its name taken from the soft fluffy seed heads of thistles, Thistledown Marl has an almost feathery appearance; featuring a lightly textured and fluffy handle that is not at all dense or stiff. 

HoH19: The Original Collection

Introducing a bespoke woven collection of fabrics exclusively woven for us at Fabworks: Heart of Huddersfield.

The Original Collection of Heart of Huddersfield is comprised of 5 mini collections of which are all based on traditional wool weaves - a mixture of herringbones, birdseyes and meltons - each boasting its own special Fabworks twist.

To learn more about The Original collection and traditions & weaving heritage within Yorkshire, inspiring this unique collection, read our Blog below.