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Heart of Huddersfield 2023


The Crosshatch Chronicles is the latest addition to the Heart of Huddersfield range of bespoke woollen fabrics, made in Yorkshire by Fabworks. These six gorgeous woollen tweeds form the new Heart of Huddersfield collection for 2023. Hot off the looms and manufactured by Fabworks, from yarn through to weaving and finishing this bespoke beauty has been made in Yorkshire Mills by Yorkshire folk!

Designed to sit alongside existing HoH collections, allowing for the curation of a sustainable wardrobe where we can mix & match existing pieces perfectly, refreshing our look as the seasons change with bespoke woollen pieces that take us from late summer through to early spring.

A grounding pebble grey yarn is featured throughout the HoH 2023 collection to produce subtle tones, a recurrent theme that appears throughout the Crosshatch Chronicles collection. Woven in a traditional twill weave using a selection of sustainably sourced deadstock yarns (16 skein).

Block checks are great for adding more colour to stand-alone pieces. A carefully curated pattern repeat that is bold enough to make a statement, but not too much that it will casuse a problem. Use colour-rich designs to create straight lines and unorthodox uniform styles, or use on the bias to create interesting details and slimming illusions.

Heart of Huddersfield

The Crosshatch Chronicles

Supple medium weight all wool tweed exclusive to Fabworks

The Crosshatch Chronicles Collection: Best Block Checks

Autumn Fires

Dahlia Garden

Summer Heights

Treasure Box

Wandering Way

Nature's Course

Try before you buy

If you're considering purchasing from the Heart of Huddersfield 2023 collection: The Crosshatch Chronicles, this Sample Pack is exactly what you need!

NEW Woven Label Hanging Loops

Add that finishing touch that a luxury garment needs with an embroidered sew-in hanging loop! Presented in the classic Fabworks colours of cream, pink, dark turquoise & grey.

HoH Warp Linen

Introducing complementary shades of new House Linen colours that coordinate perfectly with The Crosshatch Chronicles

Fabworks Warp Linen

Our rich and vibrant Warp Linens (HoH23), also known as Fabworks House Linen, makes a return with 5 stunning new colours to seamlessly extend the allure of linen into our A/W wardrobes. The perfect accompaniment to The Crosshatch Chronicles and dyed specifically in coordinating shades. A match made in heaven!

Discover the art of effortless elegance as linen and wool unite, each thread telling a tale of timeless style and sophistication.

Project Planning

Perfect Patterns

Wonderful wool needs a perfect pattern for creating bespoke woollen garments!

Sewing Sorted

HoH23 + House Linen + Luxury Lining = Sewing Sorted!

HoH Historical Gallery

See Heart of Huddersfield come alive in picture form!

Team Fabworks

More project inspiration from the Fabworks Team!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heart of Huddersfield?

Heart of Huddersfield is a bespoke & unique one-off collection of woollen fabrics designed exclusively by and woven for Fabworks, in the Colne Valley of Huddersfield, iconic for its heritage and expertise in wool textile manufacturing. Sustainably sourced yarn, utterly unique, Fabworks own carefully curated designs, full of colour, all natural fibres, with a reduced carbon footprint.

See The Crosshatch Chronicles collection here

How to order

All Heart of Huddersfield fabrics are available to order online in 0.5m increments, with all orders sent as one continuous length.

Use the plus/minus selector when viewing the individual product pages to add Cut Length units to your Cart, as well as Samples and Matching Threads.

How do I care for my Heart of Huddersfield wool fabric?

We advise treating your very special woollen fabric like your most expensive coat. If you feel the need to freshen up your Best Block Check garments we suggest hand-washing with a specialist wool detergent (there are lots available). Leave the fabric to dry flat on a towel. Do not over-wring or pull out of shape. Do not put in the washing machine or tumble dry! If accidentally soiled, patch clean with water and mild soap. Remember that this fabric is a natural fibre (just like our hair) so treat well. Although going through rigorous finishing processes to ensure a hard-wearing and long-lasting fabric, remember that this is a pure natural fibre (just like our own human hair) so do treat it well! Fabworks cannot be held responsible if fabric is damaged or altered once the fabric is in the customer's hands.

Limited Stock Availability

This bespoke collection of fabrics is only available while stocks last. Fabworks is the only stockist of this item and cannot repeat any designs once sold out, due to its construction through deadstock yarns. If you are a boutique business and are using this fabric for a collection of garments, we strongly recommend purchasing necessary quantities early.

Where can I buy Heart of Huddersfield wools?

Fabworks is the only stockist of these fabrics and cannot repeat any designs once sold out. This exclusive fabric is available to order at Fabworks Online here, at Fabworks Mill Shop in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and via telephone 01924 466031. Please contact us via the Contact Us page for further information.

Can I order Samples?

If you would like to try out these luxurious woollen fabrics before ordering a cut length, we operate a very efficient sample service. Sample Packs for the Crosshatch Chronicles collection (Pack of 6) are available to order, as well as Sample packs for Crosshatch Chronicles + Warp Linens (Pack of 11). All sample-only orders are sent the same day in a secure envelope, First Class stamped. All Heart of Huddersfield wool samples are 12cm x 20cm and £2.00 each when ordered individually.

Extra Goodies

For everyone that orders any of the from Crosshatch Chronicles collection, you will receive a free embroidered sew-in hanging loop label so that you can show off your bespoke makes with style to add that finishing touch that a luxury garment needs! You can see exactly what these labels look like when viewing the fabric's photos on any of the 6 Best Block Checks.

Thread Matching

Fabworks provides a thread matching service for all cut length fabric orders. If you add a matching thread to your order for any of these fabrics we will send the Gutermann thread listed below:

Autumn Fires: 384 Cherry Red
Dahlia Garden: 877 Magenta
Summer Heights: 483 Topaz
Natures Course: 315 Cobalt
Wandering Way: 237 Emerald
Treasure Box: 483 Topaz (any of the above threads will work beautifully with Treasure Box, as this fabric features each of the warp colours of the 5 other fabrics).

Read The Crosshatch Chronicles Story

Chapter 1: Heart of Huddersfield Returns for 2023!

It’s official! We are delighted to announce that Heart of Huddersfield will be returning this year, with a new collection launching in early September 2023!

Chapter 2: The Production Process & Insight Into Our Minds

Our focus on the new collection: how we are fully committed to sustainability, how we bring together all the necessary elements to create the perfect recipe.

Chapter 3: Introducing The Crosshatch Chronicles

The Crosshatch Chronicles is the newest addition to the Heart of Huddersfield range of woollen fabrics. Let us enchant you with our ensemble of colourfully captivating block checks.

Chapter 4: The Crosshatch Chronicles are here!

The final instalment of the 2023 Story including style inspiration, the benefits of working with wool, how to colour coordinate, and a sustainability reminder.