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Blog Archive

Our Heart of Huddersfield Story

We've come a long way since launching the first collection of Heart of Huddersfield back in 2019, click on the blog posts below to follow our journey.

Heart of Huddersfield Historical Gallery

An on-going gallery containing legacy Heart of Huddersfield collections, weaving details, garment inspiration and a visual exploration of all the Heart of Huddersfield fabrics.

Enjoy looking back through our Heart of Huddersfield history & collections from over the years, for fabric fantasising pleasure!

HoH 2023:

The Crosshatch Chronicles

Designed to sit alongside existing HoH collections, allowing for the curation of a sustainable wardrobe where we can mix & match existing pieces perfectly, refreshing our look as the seasons change with bespoke woollen pieces that take us from late summer through to early spring.

HoH 2022:

The Storm & Mist Herringbones

12 iconic herringbones featuring 2 different warps: 6 Mist Herringbones & 6 Storm Herringbones. Versatile, classic and with a beautiful handle, these very tweedy tweeds always do as they’re told, appeal to all wool connoisseurs, and are suitable for any occasion where there is an excuse to use tweed.

HoH 2021:

Jewels Of Yorkshire

Feast your eyes on our precious treasures! Delve into this collection of colour infused myriad of jewels! Our latest bundle of beloved Heart of Huddersfield fabrics!

HoH 2020:

Thistledown Marl

Thistledown Marl fabrics form the second collection of Heart of Huddersfield. They are a collection of 12 semi-solid coloured fabrics takes its name from the soft fluffy seed heads of thistles. Commonly seen as a weed growing on open scrubby pastureland, but forming an important part of the landscape.

HoH 2019:

The Original Collection

This is the original collection of Heart of Huddersfield fabrics exclusive to us at Fabworks. As the name of the collection suggests, this brand new woollen collection is manufactured in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The Home of

Heart of Huddersfield

Everything you need to know about our Flagship Collection all in one place, view the fabrics and be inspired by our Fabworks Team!