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Awaiting The Big Reveal

Awaiting The Big Reveal

August 28th 2019: Before launching HoH range

Every tiny detail for our own bespoke HoH collection of woollen fabrics was selected through careful planning and preparation. A unique recipe of textile ingredients that has turned out even better than we expected!

We are so excited! We cannot wait to reveal what we have been working on since the beginning of the year and share the fruits of our labour.

This fabulous venture aptly named the Heart of Huddersfield is a collection of 40+ different fabrics, which are all based on traditional wool weaves - a mixture of herringbones, birdseyes and meltons - each boasting its own special Fabworks / Huddersfield twist. Each fabric is unique within the collection, all with similar medium/heavy weights and aimed at smart dressmaking, tailoring, costume making, soft furnishing and much more.

This wonderful new range of 100% wool fabrics has a traditional wool feel that is stable yet subtly drapey, hard-wearing, naturally temperature regulating and will keep the harsh elements out, all whilst clothing you in a carefully crafted and bespoke style that features a heritage look fit for modern lifestyles. 100% wool tweeds like the ones within the Heart of Huddersfield are easy to sew and will produce stunning results whether you’re a novice or professional, garment maker or interiors fanatic.

We have tried to cater to all tastes and styles, to include classic neutrals and natural colour palettes as well as rich jewel tones and invigorating pops of colour!

To make things truly harmonious, the fabrics are grouped together in themed colour collections, each collection is inspired by nature and the Holme Valley landscape (the area where the collection was spun/woven/finished) at the heart of the collection. This iconic part of Yorkshire has given us so much more than we could have wished for, its landscape and the people; our master weaver and advisor (and their family business) as well as the mills within the Holme Valley are the true inspiration behind the Heart of Huddersfield.

This sentiment resonates with Fabworks and its wonderful staff that make up our small family business. We really are a family affair with father and two sons at the helm and multiple mother and daughter teams all working together along with the rest of the fabulous Fabworks team make us the fabrics enthusiasts that we are. We all have backgrounds in textiles and artistic fields, and when you are from this part of Yorkshire you have only to trace back a couple of generations to find links to the woollen trade. If you want to read more about the inspiration behind the descriptions for The Heart of Huddersfield- look out for our next blog Textiles Is In The Blood (coming soon late September 2019).

Thanks for reading our latest and last blog entry Awaiting The Big Reveal, there's plenty to get your teeth into here if you can read between the lines... The big reveal itself is coming very very soon. Fabworks Bulletin subscribers hold onto your seats!
Update: since writing this article we have now launched the very special Heart of Huddersfield range of wools that you can view here

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