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Announcement 2020: What & Where?

Announcement 2020: What & Where?


So what is it? And where is it coming from? We have been teasing a big announcement for the past few weeks through the Fabworks Instagram & Facebook pages. Now it is time for the big reveal!

Following on from last year's range, Heart of Huddersfield is returning in September 2020. Another brand new collection of gorgeous, one-off, locally manufactured 100% wool fabrics!

As the name suggests, this new woollen collection is manufactured in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Keeping it local and working with the renowned heritage-steeped mills for every stage in the process; from spinning through to weaving and finishing, you can be assured that the attention to detail and quality of these fabrics will be second to none.

Designer wools today are often thought of as manufactured in Italy and other European countries. Indeed, the Italians are renowned for their first-rate fabrics and fabulous style, but Yorkshire and more specifically Huddersfield, is famous for consistently producing some of the best woollen cloth in the world. With Fabworks’ roots firmly grounded in the Heavy Woollen District that is West Yorkshire, this gives us the perfect opportunity to create our very own collection of wools, literally on our doorstep. Fabworks is fortunate enough to have access to these mills, experience its heritage first-hand, and support the local industry that is built on tradition and the surrounding landscape.

What Is It? A collection of 100% woollen fabrics for apparel and dressmaking. Completely unique, designed by & manufactured for Fabworks only. You will not find these fabrics anywhere else.

Where Is It Coming From? The heritage-steeped & very esteemed mills of Huddersfield (West Yorkshire, England). Fibres spun, yarn woven, fabric finished all within an 8 mile radius of Fabworks (West Yorkshire, England).


This is all the info that we’re releasing right now. We will be posting weekly about this exciting new project as we draw closer to the launch in September with more insight into the fabrics, it's production, sustainability practices, and a special subscriber-only (free) list for those who want early access to the collection launch. Keep your eyes peeled, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve created!


If this isn't making much sense, take a look at last year's (the original) Heart of Huddersfield range: https://www.fabworks.co.uk/collections/all-hoh-wool-fabrics

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