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Heart of Huddersfield 2021: Twill Melton - Jewels of Yorkshire - Overview + FAQs

Feast your eyes on our precious treasures! Delve into this collection of colour infused myriad of jewels! Our latest bundle of beloved Heart of Huddersfield fabrics!


Introducing the Jewels of Yorkshire!

We have the great pleasure of introducing you to our brand new Heart of Huddersfield wool collection for 2021! Say hello to our Jewels of Yorkshire! Available exclusively at Fabworks!

This year we bring you six strong colours, rich jewel tones, the brightest we can find in the natural world!

We did things a little different this year and asked YOU for your help and input! We were overwhelmed with the response and delighted with your colourful suggestions. We're very proud of our Jewels of Yorkshire, we hope you love them as much as we do! 

The lockdowns of the past year have made all of us more conscious of the importance of nature in our lives. So this year's colour palette has been chosen to offer some cheer. Our hopes for the future are reflected with these singing jewel-like tones.

Our Melton-style twill fabrics are Yorkshire-made, in the "Heart of Huddersfield". 100% Wool that is spun, woven, dyed, and finished all within eight miles of Fabworks! Read our HOH Story so far Blog to find out more!

At first glance you will think these are simply medium weight, wool Melton fabrics, but take a closer look to see the weaving expertise that has gone into the collection. The lightly brushed yarns are closely woven into a complex staggered twill weave to produce a fabric with excellent stability, a reassuring drape and a rushed and lightly textured appearance - in other words, a small basket weave. This produces subtle lighter and darker tones where the yarns pass under and over each other. There is definitely “more to this than meets the eye” in this subtly-textured high quality wool.

As we emerge from the strange and unsettling times of the pandemic, we all look forward to getting back to our happy seasonal customs and habits which we missed so much last year. Whether you are a woolly jumper, duffle coat wearing outdoor type, or a luxury-statement-coat urnbanite, our new HOH Jewels of Yorkshire - Twill Melton's can be tailored to your individual needs.

This range of dense strong colours was created to supplement and enhance our earlier HOH collections. Meaning we have something for everyone in the Heart of Huddersfield!

If colour therapy is a little daunting, you can temper the saturated colours with reliable neutrals from the range of Marled and Yorkshire Meltons available. Choose from: Morning Mist, Evening Mist and Thunderbridge Storm - Marled Meltons and Mill Soot - Yorkshire Melton. Natures Best - Thistledown Marl Boucle is a lovely marled natural fabric with varying grey speckles.

The six core colours of Jewels of Yorkshire reflect your colour suggestions, they contrast and complement each other and the existing HOH Fabrics.

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion or make your own unique style, we are all subliminally influenced by what’s going on around us. Do you notice the fashion styles in the high street store windows, or maybe your brain simply picks up on a particular colour in your Sunday supplement which triggers a memory or stirs an emotion? We are all affected by colour, its ability to comfort, soothe, calm, invigorate, enliven and empower is everywhere.

Fashions come and go (and come back), and presently we are seeing influence’s from nearly four decades. From the Bohemian, arty styles of the ‘70s, to the big power dressed look of the ‘80s or the pared down styles of the ‘90s and the relaxed sporty styles of the ‘00s, they are all being seen.

If you’re a classic key pieces fan or keep an eye on the current trends, our Jewels of Yorkshire - Twill Melton is the ideal all wool fabric for the job. Like all the other family members in the HOH range this fabric will stand the test of time.

Browse the collection & take pleasure from planning your unique Yorkshire-made woolly fabric creations.

Garment Making & Pattern Suggestions:

This simply stunning treasure box collection will make wonderful coats, waistcoats, gilets, pullover style hoodies, shackets and jackets from bomber jackets and blousons with feminine gathers to classic blazers.

The lustrous sheen of Jewels of Yorkshire will look so luxurious when gently pleated or gathered in these softly feminine full styles. Think of these as a feminine alternative to your usual sporty bomber jacket. Oversized or long line bomber jackets are another excellent suggestion for this malleable cosy all wool fabric. Create striking silhouettes in solid block colours or add contrasting elements – sleeves, hip bands, welt pockets and cuffs for jewel box combinations. Add a jewel-hued lining from our SOS collection, each fabric in the collection has their own specially selected range of fine quality linings, perfectly colour coordinating!

Bomber and Blouson Jackets

We have been spending a huge amount of time wearing relaxed casual clothing and the new season's trends reflect this, offering roomy styles in luxe fabrics. Think full sleeves and cropped blouson/battle dress styles like those of the ‘40s.

Dawn wearing Autumn Citrine & Claudia wearing In The Blood Red, modelling their Biker Cardi Jackets - Sew Different  
Read the Blog: Falling in love with In The Blood Red
Read the Blog: Let in the Sunshine with Autumn Citrine

The Jewels of Yorkshire are perfect for more structured styles such as classic and tailored coats as well as more casual outerwear garments.

Stephen wearing The Makers Atelier - Pea Coat with Military adaptations in Uber Ultramarine!
Read the Blog: A Deep Dive into Uber Ultramarine Blue Creations

A key item for any season and the classic hacking style jacket is always a winner when made in quality wool tweed like fabrics. Update the blazer for this season’s trends using the new colour infused Jewels of Yorkshire - add funky details, optional tie belt, contrasting pocket flaps, elbow patches and contrasting collar/ revers. This will produce a sporty, alternative- country style and these additions can also be used for the shacket/overshirt/jacket trend we are seeing so much of.


Hayley looking fabulous in The Blazer - Avid Seamstress in Uber Ultramarine!
Read the Blog: A Deep Dive into Uber Ultramarine Blue Creations
The Overshirt/Shacket

Again this throw on easy wear, oversized shirt style jacket is set to become a key staple in our wardrobes. Cheap high street versions are often made in sub standard polyester fake wool fabrics, you now have the opportunity to create your own bespoke luxe version. We have seen some fabulous longer length versions - an excellent alternative to your usual overcoat. Create in one solid block colour Jewels of Yorkshire - Twill Melton for instant colour therapy, or make, as the suggestions for the blazer, with multi coloured accent pocket flaps etc.

Jen Legg wearing Autumn Citrine with Tarnside Teal and Honeycomb Harvest in her Sorrento Jacket
Read the Blog: Totally Addicted to Tarnside Teal
Hoodie & Pop-over styles

Perfect for throwing on over your jeans and jumpers. Make in Jewels Of Yorkshire for an instant injection of colour and opulent warmth which will transform your usual casual attire to elevated casual attire. Line the collar and hood with contrasting jewel hued SOS fabrics, liberty style lawns or solid colour pops of cotton poplin, add 3mm cord elastic, matching sprung cord stops/toggles and chunky zips to give a truly alternative athleisure style.

Waistcoats & Gillets

Try the Jemima Waistcoat from The Pattern Stash our very own Fabworks sewing pattern! Use two colours of the JOY Collection for a fabulous addition to your winter wardrobe perfect for adding some rich colour blocking. This satisfying make is worth making  several times in an assortment of fabrics, we all need a waistcoat to go with every outfit !

Gillets are another useful A/W essential style in a similar manner to hoodie styles, for instant impact colour blocked athleisure pieces or team with more traditional HOH tweeds for shooting jacket/utility styles. 

Check out the "Yorkshire Wool Gillet" made bespoke by Sew Betsie!

Chloe, designer & develop of The Pattern Stash wearing the Jemima Waistcoat in Forever Green Emerald & Lush Mint Herringbone
Read the Blog: Step into Nature with Forever Green Emerald
Skirts and Trousers

The Jewels of Yorkshire are ideal for trousers and skirts. Think classic skirts, be they neat minis or elegant midis, customise yours with contrasting pleat details, you could even use two fabrics for a clever wrap style skirt. See our in-house blog post for 5 ideal skirt patterns using wool Wool Pencil Skirts Pattern Recommendations!


Tara modelling the latest sewing pattern from The Pattern Stash - Amelia Skirt in panelled in Field Poppy & In The Blood Red 
Sarah pictured here is wearing her Fault Lines waistcoat and matching trousers in Miraculous Magenta and Buddleia Purple. Donna is wearing her Wrap Skirt by The Makers Atelier in Miraculous Magenta and Grapevine 
Read the blog: Meet the Miraculous Magenta Makers
Unlined capes & wraps

These quick makes have the look of something you paid a fortune for in a swish country outfitters. Easy to make and easy to wear, ideal for indulgent Christmas gifts.

    Bags & Accessories

    Use all your off-cuts for fabulous accessories 

    The Frame Bag - Hole House Patterns is a first rate pattern with so much help and support in the form of a Facebook group with video tutorials and lots of useful hints and tips.


      The Frame bag available as a PDF Digital Copy from HoleHouse Patterns

      Whatever your style we are very confident there will be a colour within our collection for you!


      Sustainability Deep-Rooted in our Herritage

      Fabworks began as a family business trading in reclaimed textiles (rags) and shoddy waste, at a time when this part of Yorkshire was renowned as the centre of the English Woollen Cloth trade.

      Over many years, the business has grown, developed & changed with the fifth generation of family joining in, along came new ideas and new adventures!

      Revisiting recent history, the Fabworks Heart of Huddersfield 2021 collection (HOH) marks our third year of commissioning the manufacture of our own fabric, made using upcycled & (what would otherwise be) waste wool yarn left over from other manufacturing. We spotted the potential and grabbed at those yarns with BOTH HANDS to create this high quality, sustainable range of fabrics.

      This is an excerpt from our blog Sustainability Deep-Rooted in our Herritage. Click here for the full article!
      COLOUR! The Focus of HOH 2021

      After creating a vast number of shades and weaves in the original 2019 HOH range, we created the subtle shades and textures of Thistledown Marl for 2020.
      This year, it’s all about colour, and we’re celebrating it.

      Our aim is to highlight colours to combine with the fabrics that we have already created in previous collections. Expanding the colour combinations to best display the natural beauty of wool. We’ve kept it simple, using only one intricate weave, no marls or coloured yarns included that detract from the pure colours that we’ve chosen.

      Last year “Demoiselle Teal” was the highlight of the Thistledown Marl collection...

      This is an excerpt from COLOUR! The Focus of HOH 21. Click here for the full article!

      Using the Jewels of Yorkshire alongside other Heart of Huddersfield wools: (STACK IMAGES)

      Jewels of Yorkshire: Coordinating HOH from other collections:
      In the Blood Red
      Honeycomb Harvest, Rhubarb Pie, Morning Mist, Evening Mist, Heron Flight, Field Poppy
      Autumn Citrine
      Rose Petal Wine, Rhubarb Pie, Runny Honey, Mothers Marmalade
      Forever Green Emerald
      Grapevine, Lush Mint, Died Sage
      Uber Ultramarine
      Evening Mist, Morning MistTrue Blue
      Miraculous Magenta
      Heron Flight, Morning Mist, Yorkshire Sunset, Buddleia Purple
      Tarnside Teal
      Evening Mist, Heron Flight, Foggy Pastures



      What is Heart of Huddersfield?

      Heart of Huddersfield is a bespoke & unique one-off collection of woollen fabrics designed by and woven exclusively for Fabworks, in the Colne Valley of Huddersfield, iconic for its heritage and expertise in wool manufacturing. Sustainable, exclusive, Fabworks designs, full of colour, natural fibres, low carbon footprint. What's not to love?

      Take your pick from the intricately woven Birdseyes, a range of colourful Herringbones, classic Yorkshire Meltons, quirky Marled Meltons and the exquisite Harris Herringbones, textured boucle Thistledown Marl. As well as our brand new Melton Twill collection, the Jewels of Yorkshire, new for 2021! See the complete Heart of Huddersfield range here!

      How to care for your Heart of Huddersfield wools

      We advise treating your very special woollen fabric like your most expensive coat. If you feel the need to freshen up your Thistledown Marl garments we suggest hand-washing with a specialist wool detergent (there are lots available). Leave the fabric to dry flat on a towel. Do not over-wring or pull out of shape. Do not put in the washing machine or tumble dry! If accidentally soiled, patch clean with water and mild soap. Remember that this fabric is a natural fibre (just like our hair) so treat well. Fabworks cannot be held responsible if fabric is damaged or altered once the fabric is in the customer's hands.

      How we prepare your fabric before sending

      All cut lengths are cut to order. Available in 0.5m units only, please take extra care when specifying quantities, 1 unit equates to half a metre, 2 units would be 1 full metre. All fabrics will be sent in one continuous length.

      Should I buy extra?

      Heart of Huddersfield wools are sold in 0.5m increments. There is no need to order extra fabric, as we do not advise any thorough washing processes. See above for hand-washing & spot cleaning tips.

      Limited stock availability

      This bespoke collection of exclusive fabrics is only available while stocks last. Fabworks is the only stockist of this item and cannot repeat any designs once sold out. If you are a boutique business and are using this fabric for a collection of garments, we strongly recommend purchasing necessary quantities early.


      All Thistledown Marl and Heart of Huddersfield exclusive woollen fabrics are £25.00 per linear metre.

      Where to purchase

      Fabworks is the only stockist of this item and cannot repeat any designs once sold out. This exclusive fabric is available to order at Fabworks Online here, at Fabworks Mill Shop in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and via the telephone 01924 466031. Please contact us via email for further information


      If you would like to test this luxurious wool prior to ordering a cut length, Fabworks has a very efficient sample service where all samples are sent the same day in an envelope, first class stamped. All Heart of Huddersfield wool samples are 12cm x 20cm and £2.00 each.

      Extra goodies

      For every customer purchasing fabrics from the HoH range they will receive a FREE embroidered sew-in label to show off their bespoke makes. You can see exactly what these labels look like on our HoH garment-related blog posts.

      Thread matching:

      Fabworks Online provides a thread matching service when you order any cut length fabrics. The table below lists the preferred Guterman 100m sew all polyester threads to match each fabric. If you add a matching thread to your order for any of these fabrics we will send the Gutermann thread listed below or a very similar alternative.

      Fabric Name Gutermann Thread Number
      Tarnside Teal 870
      In The Blood Red 367 
      Autumn Citrine 412
      Forever Green Emerald 237
      Uber Ultramarine 316
      Miraculous Magenta 247


      If you require multiple threads for an order, please contact us via email or telephone prior to placing your order online.

      Heart of Huddersfield Jewels of Yorkshire - Twill Meltons Available NOW!!!

      Posted 20/09/2021