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Heart of Huddersfield 2023:

The Crosshatch Chronicles

Wandering Way - Best Block Check

per half metre
Fabric Code: A2d67

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.

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Tap on the Specifications, Properties, Garment Suggestions & Other Uses tabs below to learn more about this fabric and its suggested uses

Featuring weft yarns of moss green, wheat, spring green & dark brown, woven with a warp of dark emerald and pebble grey.

Green earth & golden sunshine affords space for nature’s harmony and new growth of lush greenery and fresh spring shoots. Alongside, flourishing barley and wheat fields baking in the early summer glory, soon turning as golden as the sun

A colour combination that encapsulates the quintessence of mother nature. The glorious greenery embodies feel-good thoughts of open fields ripening in the mellow sunshine. Embrace the evergreen charm of nature's palette and its bountiful goodness in the timeless and elegant enduring appeal of Wandering Way.

A grounding, marled pebble grey sits confidently amongst the natural green and gold hues, adding subtle tones within the block check design, a recurrent theme that appears throughout the HoH23 collection.

This superb mediumweight wool is perfect for a whole host of both dressmaking and furnishing projects.

Weight: Medium

GSM: 290

Composition: 100% Wool 

Width: 160cm / 63inch 

Horizontal pattern repeat: 7.3cm / 2.8inch

Vertical pattern repeat: 15.8cm / 6.2inch

Block check size: 3.5cm x 3.9cm / 1.37inch x 1.53inch

Furnishing Rub Count: 20,000

Woven in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire UK

Matching Gutermann Thread: 237


This is a closely woven, versatile all wool fabric with a medium weight and a gentle woolly feel, boasting a stable handle and soft enough drape to be trusted to form pretty gathers and serious pleats. Perfect for a plethora of sewing room projects, this block check will always do as it's told. Wool of this kind is easy to sew and will stand the test of time.

Woollen fabric has been used in garment manufacturing for generations. Did you know the first recorded piece of woollen clothing was produced over 10,000 years ago? Our range of Yorkshire-made tweeds are timeless classics, with their medium weight allowing for exceptional versatility in both clothing, craft and light soft furnishings.

Garment Suggestions:
To see more suggested sewing patterns click here.

The Pattern Stash:

Coats & Jackets:

 Dresses & Skirts:

Other Uses:

Rub count: 20,000

Create a myriad of colourful and cosy soft furnishings with the Crosshatch Chronicles, from cushions and blinds to curtains and light upholstery projects too!

Try before you buy:

If you'd like to purchase a sample of this fabric, please use the selector above & select the option: Sample.

Alternatively, purchase a sample pack featuring all The Crosshatch Chronicles by tapping here.
Extras: Woven Label
You will automatically receive one complementary hanging loop with every Cut Length order of Heart of Huddersfield fabric, at Fabworks Online & Mill Shop. This product is an optional extra, and only if you require more than one hanging loop. You do not need to purchase this item if you are ordering HoH fabric too.

Add that finishing touch that a luxury garment needs with an embroidered sew-in hanging loop! Presented in the classic Fabworks colours of cream, pink, dark turquoise & grey.

Tap here to purchase an extra Heart of Huddersfield Woven Label Hanging Loop

Customer Reviews

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Tracey christie
sample request

Hi when I ordered this sample I asked if you could send a piece with as much brown as possible in the sample as I need to match with some leather, this is what I have been sent, I am a little dissapointed, and have now sent to my client for her to decide if its suitable for her bef.re I order a piec to make her a bag.

Pairs well with:

Lining Fabric: Mythology

Timeless silky jacquard design lining fabric with textural interest that oozes prestige and class.

Warp Linen: Wayside Emerald

A rich and vibrant emerald green, created specifically and the perfect accompaniment to The Crosshatch Chronicles HoH23.

Sewing Pattern Suggestions

A curated selection of suggested sewing patterns suitable to use with The Crosshatch Chronicles. Tap the link below to view all our suggested makes and how you can style your wool tweed fabrics. Available as paper copies & PDFs.

Be Inspired by the Fabworks Team

Heart of Huddersfield 2023:

Introducing The Crosshatch Chronicles

6 gorgeous 100% wool tweeds Best Block Checks, together form The Crosshatch Chronicles, the latest addition to Fabworks’ very own Heart of Huddersfield range. Hot off the looms and manufactured by Fabworks, from sourcing yarn through to weaving and finishing, this bespoke beauty has been made in Yorkshire mills by Yorkshire folk!

Designed to sit alongside existing collections, allowing for the curation of a sustainable capsule wardrobe where legacy Heart of Huddersfield pieces can mix & match and interchange perfectly with The Crosshatch Chronicles, refreshing the look as the seasons change, with bespoke woollen pieces that take us from late summer through to early spring.

A grounding pebble grey yarn features throughout The Crosshatch Chronicles collection adding subtle tonality, a recurrent theme that appears throughout The Crosshatch Chronicles collection. Woven in a traditional twill weave using a selection of sustainably sourced deadstock yarns of 16 skein.

Block checks are great for adding more colour to stand-alone pieces. A carefully curated pattern repeat that is bold enough to make a statement but not too much to cause a problem. Use colour-rich designs to create straight lines and unorthodox uniform styles, or use on the bias to create interesting details and slimming illusions.

HoH23 Overview Page

Learn more about The Crosshatch Chronicles with everything you need to know about this year's collection including frequently asked questions, laundering guidelines, coordinating fabrics & artistic inspiration.

Coordinating Warp Linen

Our rich and vibrant Warp Linens (HoH 2023) - also known as Fabworks House Linen - makes a return with 5 stunning new colours to seamlessly extend the allure of linen into our A/W wardrobes. The perfect accompaniment to The Crosshatch Chronicles and dyed specifically in coordinating shades. A match made in heaven!

Discover the art of effortless elegance as linen and wool unite, each thread telling a tale of timeless style and sophistication.

HoH Historical Gallery

A Gallery containing legacy Heart of Huddersfield collections, weaving details, garment inspiration and a visual exploration of all the Heart of Huddersfield fabrics.

Enjoy looking back through our Heart of Huddersfield history & collections from over the years, for fabric fantasising pleasure!

Read the HoH 23 Story so far:

Chapter 1: Heart of Huddersfield Returns for 2023!

It’s official! We are delighted to announce that Heart of Huddersfield will be returning this year, with a new collection launching in early September 2023!

Chapter 2: The Production Process & Insight Into Out Minds

Our focus on the new collection: how we are fully committed to sustainability, how we bring together all the necessary elements to create the perfect recipe.

Chapter 3: Introducing The Crosshatch Chronicles

The Crosshatch Chronicles is the newest addition to the Heart of Huddersfield range of woollen fabrics. Let us enchant you with our ensemble of colourfully captivating block checks.

Chapter 4: The Crosshatch Chronicles are here!

The final instalment of the 2023 Story including style inspiration, the benefits of working with wool, how to colour coordinate, and a sustainability reminder.

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