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Sample Packs

We don't often have access to entire fabric collections, due to the nature of deadstock fabrics, but when we do we know that bringing the full range together in an easy all-in-one sample pack is ideal for informed decision-making prior to ordering any Cut Lengths. Sample packs offer insight into colour, handle, quality & other properties, all at a reduced price. See & feel the full collection as it was originally curated. When sewing using multiple fabrics together in one garment, we always suggest using like-for-like weight fabrics together; be inspired and mix & match fabrics together from the same collection to create coordinating or contrasting styles, where you can be assured the fabrics will work together seamlessly.
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Fabworks Summer House Linen Sample Pack

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Sample Pack: HoH2023 Warp Linens (Pack of 5)

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£2.50 each £5.00