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Diaphanous Plum Shimmer - Fabworks Online
Perfectly Paisley Jacquard - Sapphire - Fabworks Online
Lightweight Wool Jacquard - Perfectly Paisley Sapphire

1 recensione
£5.00 per half metre
Lacey Vintage Rose Mesh - White - Fabworks Online
Lacey Vintage Rose Mesh - White
£3.00 per half metre
Only 0.5 metres in stock
Ponte Double Jersey - Humbug Intarsia Stripes

2 recensioni
£3.00 per half metre
Steely Stripes (Shirt Weight) - Cotton & Acetate - Fabworks Online
Red Retro Campers - White Single Jersey - Fabworks Online
Only 2 metres in stock
Mint Choc Humbug Twill - Viscose & Acetate Lining - Fabworks Online
Only 1 metres in stock
Maths Class Stripe - Turquoise Purple - Fabworks Online
Monochrome and Grey Lotus Flower Paisley - Fabworks Online
Risparmia 40%
Monochrome and Grey Lotus Flower Paisley
£1.50 per half metre £2.50
Playful Papillons - Fabworks Online
Playful Papillons
£2.50 per half metre