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Heavy Duty Utility Cotton Drill - Khaki Olive

per half metre
Fabric Code: Z2d33

Only 17m of this product left in stock

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.


Weight: Very Heavy

GSM: 588

Composition: 100% Cotton

Width: 154cm / 60.6inch

Pattern repeat: N/A


If you need a cotton fabric that's seriously hardwearing to meet the needs of somewhere between protective clothing, utility wear and accessories then this is the ticket.


Khaki Olive is as its name suggests a dark olive, military green-brown tone. The perfect hue for blending in outdoors and perfect for resisting stains and surface dirt. Team this with woodland camo accents for the ultimate outdoors combination.


Woven in a classic diagonal twill weave denim style, drill fabrics are woven like this because of their hardwearing properties. The close ridged twill weave is impervious to sharp thorns rips snags and tears.  The weave also boasts a double -weft adding a density and stability rarely seen in everyday clothing fabrics. This canvas-like fabric will almost stand on its edges when creating boxed or cylindrical structures.

Garment Suggestions:

Perfect for outdoor-style protective worker-style clothing;  craft aprons, coveralls, dungarees, worker jackets etc.

Other Uses:

Create useful storage bags, messenger bags, rucksacks, holdalls, duffle bags and even storage cubes and other structured pieces.  

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About This Fabric

London CMT Collection

This fabric has been sourced from a top Cut, Make & Trim dressmaking company in London UK, known for garment construction for some of the worlds most prestigious and well-known fashion brands, and many household couture names. Top quality brands equals top quality fabrics. Once a year Fabworks is afforded the opportunity to buy any remaining short lengths of these high-end, high-fashion designer fabrics which would otherwise be discarded as they are at the end of their intended usage.

Fabworks presents you with these luxurious high-fashion fabrics perfect for dressmaking to create your bespoke, extra special garments. Sourcing and rescuing fabrics from high-end makers of the fashion industries such as this company is the true nature of surplus, deadstock fabrics, once they have sold out they cannot be restocked. Grab these beauties whist you can!


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