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Welcome to the Home of Heart of Huddersfield

Heart of Huddersfield is Fabworks’ bespoke range of pure wool tweed fabrics, commissioned by us and woven in the Colne Valley, within West Yorkshire’s Heavy Woollen District (Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK). This area is world famous for its weaving heritage & expertise, known as the centre of wool textile manufacturing in Britain.

The Heart of Huddersfield range welcomes a new collection with each coming autumn/winter season, and features bespoke one-off fabrics, designed in-house at Fabworks using our depth of knowledge within the company, gained in over 120 years working in the UK textiles industry, and passed on through five generations. Utilising established and trusted partnerships with local weavers allows us to incorporate the rich textile heritage of our area, into an annual collection with classic and vibrant palettes given our own twist and employing eco-friendly, sustainable practices throughout.

Our Heart of Huddersfield fabrics are suited to a wide range of dressmaking and soft furnishing projects, and the detailed product specifications give the opportunity to create your own exquisite styles in the highest quality British made woollen cloth, with a nod to British heritage manufacturing and using only natural fibre fabrics. Fabworks’ Heart of Huddersfield collections give you Yorkshire expertise from start to finish. 

2023: The Crosshatch Chronicles

Colour rich block checks in 6 gorgeous twill weaves forming The Crosshatch Chronicles

2022: The Herringbones

A collection of 12 classic tweed inspired herringbones featuring light and dark warps

2021: Jewels of Yorkshire

6 bold Twill Meltons created with lightly brushed yarns in a complex herringbone weave

2020: Thistledown Marl

Thistledown Marl, the second collection of 12 gorgeous, demi-boucle woollen fabrics

2019: The Original Collection

Our original and most unique collection, the beginning of a wonderful journey

Historical Gallery

A gallery containing legacy Heart of Huddersfield collections, weaving details, garment inspiration and a visual exploration of all the Heart of Huddersfield fabrics.

Enjoy looking back through our Heart of Huddersfield history & collections from over the years, for fabric fantasising pleasure!

Heart of Huddersfield Blog Archive

We've come a long way since launching the first collection of Heart of Huddersfield back in 2019, read our full story in the Blog Archive