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Fabworks Online Sample Service

Can I order samples? 

Yes, samples are available at Fabworks Online for all products that have a Cut Length option.

What size are the samples?

Each sample is 12cm x 20cm and costs £1.00 (there are a few exceptions where samples are £2.00 each).

Why do I have to pay for my samples? 

All our samples are priced at £1.00 unless otherwise stated. These prices help to cover our staff time, postage costs and the cost of the fabric. We would love to be able to offer samples for free, but it is simply not an option. 

Can I send my samples back? 

We regret that we cannot accept returns of samples. You may be entitled to a refund of the cost of your sample if the product's Cut Length option is sold out.

Why should I order samples?

We strongly advise ordering samples. Ordering samples is a good way of examining fabric. It will allow you to gauge the colour accurately, feel the texture and see how the fabric handles. This is advisable if you don't know whether a particular fabric is suitable for your project. Please note that if you order cut length fabrics we do not accept returns unless the goods are faulty or mis-sold. 

It's clear that a one metre length of fabric is a lot better value for money than paying £1.00 for a sample, no matter its price. However, sampling is definitely advisable if you're trying to decide between different colours and weights of fabric.

If you know exactly what you want, you can order a Cut Length of fabric instead of a sample (12cm x 20cm), with the Cut Length acting as a larger scale sample, this will allow you the opportunity to look at the drape and handle of the fabric, which can’t be done with a sample that is 12cm x 20cm. Also, ordering a Cut Length of a fabric that has a very large pattern repeat will allow you to see and appreciate the design properly more so than if you purchase a sample.

At Fabworks, you'd be amazed at what you can do with one metre of fabric – so even if you do buy a short length of fabric, we're sure it won't go to waste!

How much does sample shipping cost?

UK Sample Shipping: 

Shipping for all sample orders to UK addresses is free. At the checkout select Free Sample Shipping for free delivery of your samples. If you have added either Cut Length or Matching Thread items to your Cart then you will only see the option to select Delivery (next working day) UK. Click here to see our Shipping Info page.

Sample Shipping outside the UK: 

Shipping costs for all sample orders to countries outside the UK will incur the necessary shipping costs, please see the International Sample Shipping Index below. All International sample orders are sent the same way that UK sample orders are sent: in an envelope First Class stamped. For more information on International Shipping, please refer to the page dedicated to your shipping zone. Shipping costs for sample orders is non-refundable and not part of the Shipping Deposit on international orders.

All sample orders are sent in an envelope, first class stamped. There is no tracking for sample orders so we cannot give guaranteed delivery dates. We aim to send all samples the same day/next working day. Samples will arrive as soon as the postal service in your region can deliver them. Please be patient when waiting for your sample order to arrive, we have an obligation to prioritise orders for Cut Length items before processing sample orders. There is no limit to the number of samples you can order, however please take into account that samples are sent in envelopes.

International Sample Shipping Index

Country: Sample Shipping Cost:
Asia £8.00
Australia £7.00
British Isles £3.00
Canada £6.00
EU £5.00
New Zealand £7.00
Non-EU Europe £5.00
South America £8.00
USA £5.00
For other frequently asked questions please see our FAQs page here