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Heart of Huddersfield 2021

The Jewels of Yorkshire

Twill Meltons

In 2021 we decided to do something a bit more radical, emerging from the 2020 pandemic, we decided to get you guys involved in our beloved HoH project...

A lot has changed at Fabworks over the last year (and everywhere else), so we decided to try a different approach and give some decision-making options to the most important people there are… Of course, that’s you!

In July, we introduced you to HOH ’21, and we chose Teal to lead with, as we knew how popular this strong colour would be. However, we were less certain about what else you might like…

We ran a survey asking you what colours you would like to see in the new collection and we were stunned by the overwhelming response. Fabworks received over 500 comments and likes on our social media platforms in less than a week. Thank you very much to all  of you who took the time to contribute. There were a few surprises for us, but we’ve taken your thoughts on board.

This collection was the result of what you guys asked for, as you can see from the fabrics we have remaining from this collection, they were certainly popular!

Legacy Jewels of Yorkshire Fabrics

Overview & FAQ's Page

The Jewels of Yorkshire

Read The Jewels of Yorkshire Blog:

HoH21: Sustainability Deep-Rooted in our Heritage

We look back on our Fabworks History and how integral sustainability is to our industry, it's woven within our heritage...

COLOUR! The Focus of HoH 2021

This year, it’s all about colour, and we’re celebrating it. Our aim is to highlight colours to combine with the fabrics that we have already created in previous collections...

HoH 2021: The Story So Far...

From spinning the yarn all the way through to the final rub test on the finished piece, everything takes place within a eight-mile radius, hence, the ‘Heart of Huddersfield’.

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