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Let us introduce you to The Crosshatch Chronicles

With not long to go until the launch, we’re back again a couple of weeks on from Chapter 2 to share more reveals ahead of the big day at the beginning of September. Here we announce the official name of the collection, how to crack the code from our colour card, technical info and some fabric facts, how you can coordinate your HoH 2023 wool fabric, and introducing you to our 6 new members of the family.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to The Crosshatch Chronicles!

The Crosshatch Chronicles is the newest addition to the Heart of Huddersfield range of woollen fabrics. Let us enchant you with our ensemble of colourfully captivating block checks. Building on the foundation of previous years’ manufacturing; intertwining experience, heritage, and passion for textiles, to ensure a seamless connection with our already established range of Yorkshire-made tweed to extend your capsule wardrobe.

2023 Collection Design & Code Cracking Puzzle:

Did you manage to crack the code in Chapter 2? Allow us to unravel the intricacies of the HoH 2023 colour card.

This is our colour card for Heart of Huddersfield 2023! The colour card is a tool that we created to help coordinate complementary colour palettes for The Crosshatch Chronicles to ensure that, as with previous HoH collections, the palettes sit with legacy fabrics and tick the colour saturation boxes that we love.

As revealed in Chapter 2, The Production Process & An Insight Into Our Minds, the new collection features 6 fabrics, each with 6 colours. But when trying to decipher the colour card we can see that there are only 5 rows, 5 columns, and 25 + 1 squares. You may have already guessed that one row is equal to one fabric, you’d be correct! Horizontal row + grey = 1 fabric. We’ll go into more detail later on in this Chapter...

5 rows showcasing 5 fabrics. But there are 6 fabrics, so where is the sixth? Allow us to tell you some facts about this year’s collection and then we’ll get straight to the colours and fabric names.

With the rescued deadstock yarns that we chose, the colour card depicts all the yarn colour palettes and which specific combinations are teamed together.

Fabric Facts:

In a commitment to sustainability, 2023’s colour coordination was guided by rescued deadstock yarns. Having consolidated and reviewed a host of these yarns (detailing on this in Chapter 2) and meticulously presiding over colour palettes that we know you love; born are The Crosshatch Chronicles! A suitably sophisticated collection that seamlessly compliments the entire Heart of Huddersfield range from over the years; taking into account the fabric weight, yarn quality, colour hues, fabric styling, finishing processes, seasonality and more. Through intertwining the previous years’ stories with The Crosshatch Chronicles, we are afforded the ideal opportunity to broaden our already established capsule wardrobes, with new additions from The Crosshatch Chronicles!

Every woven fabric needs warp (up & down) and weft (weft & right) yarns. HoH 2023 is comprised of a 2/2 twill weave, with the warp requiring 2 yarns and the weft requiring 4 yarns. Each fabric requires part of the warp to be grey, which adds grounding to the fabric: a recurrent theme that is shown throughout HoH collections. Anyhow, that’s nowhere near as fun as seeing the yarns together and the fabric coming to life!

But where is the sixth fabric? Let us give you a taste of the other 5 first…

Naming The Collection:

Heart of Huddersfield is more than just a fabric, it recounts the tale of generations of textile workers, highlighting the historical importance of British textiles manufacture from the heart of The Heavy Woollen District, created and brought to life by Fabworks. Each of The Crosshatch Chronicles fabrics tells a story and although they're keeping a low profile for now. But now that we know this year’s colour palettes thanks to our code cracking colour card, let’s delve into the fabrics and the story that each one recounts and invokes.

Colour Card: Row 1


Abundant rich purple & pink hues

Visit our allotment plot where you will find a vibrant celebration of colour blocking that embodies the essence of sun-soaked perfection! Immerse yourself in the artful fusion of cool lilac, vivacious fuchsia, and warm coral tones, all expertly interwoven to create a riotous and classic floral extravaganza. Dahlia Garden is guaranteed to infuse your wardrobe with an irresistible burst of energy and brightness.

Ideas mood board: late summer & early autumn, colour-clashing like a riotous floral party, lilac and purple hues, pebble-grey pathway reflecting the light of the sun, profusion of colours, prize winner Dahlias, patchwork gardens.

Colour Card: Row 2


Spring green & earthy brown hues

A colour combination that encapsulates the quintessential colours of mother nature. Picture the lush greenery of fresh spring shoots, harmonious with the flourishing wheat and barley that bake in the early summer glory. Embrace the evergreen charm of nature's palette and bountiful goodness in the timeless elegance and enduring appeal of Wandering Way.

Ideas mood board: green earth & golden sunshine, rich brown earthy tones with spring greens, emerald-hued stalks, barley & wheat, summer glory, feel-good thoughts of wandering through fields bursting with life and ripening in the mellow sunshine for the

Colour Card: Row 3


Luscious teal & turquoise hues

Indulge in the irresistible charm of the tantalising teal tones of Summer Heights, displaying a captivating colour combination destined to make a statement. Stroll along a coastal path, with deep blue sea below you and fresh blue skies above, the golden sun high in the sky. Be uplifted by the vibrant allure of luxurious teal and turquoise shades that create a captivating collage and exude opulence and versatility.

Ideas mood board: swallows catching insects, blazing turquoise skies, glaucous blue-green stems, golden swathes of canola like a Van Gogh masterpiece, the golden sun high in the sky.

Colour Card: Row 4


Cool calming blue hues

Nature's Course is inspired by mountain streams, deep rivers, open oceans and cool skies. Immerse yourself in the essence of tranquillity with these cool blues. Providing the perfect antidote to the busy hustle & bustle with an instant cool and calming effect. Embrace the timeless allure of Nature’s Course that resonates with soothing elegance to capture your heart.

Ideas mood board: cloudless skies of summer, night time navy, cobalt true blue, positive psychology, calming, restful, peaceful, stable, reliable, friendly, blue flowers, forget-me-nots, spring summer grape hyacinths / ceanothus / delphinium, soothing elegance to capture your heart.

Colour Card: Row 5


Rich & ravishing hot red & orange hues

Set the scene ablaze with the captivating allure of Autumn Fires, a palette that evokes the spirit of autumn in all its glory: rich, bold, warming and comforting. Seamlessly blending the vibrance of orange and mustard with deep hues of red and burgundy, enveloping you in a tapestry of warmth, both in colour and setting.

Ideas mood board:
autumnal fire hues, the orange of pumpkin & squash, a precious harvest from the vegetable garden, to the golden hues of fallen sycamore leaves, dark blood-red maple leaves and fiery red and orange tones like blazing bonfires and sweet sticky treats.

Colour Card: Column 5


The sixth fabric! Ready for some real woollen magic?

Column 5 finishes off the code cracking puzzle!

Treasure Box: guaranteed to make you hop with enthusiasm! Be captivated by the rich and joyful abundance of colours in this playful fabric, each shade inspired by the best colour palette in the world: nature's own. For those who can't settle on a single fabric, through combining each warp colour (from the other 5 Crosshatch Chronicles fabrics) in to one design, creating a frivolously fantastic and fabulous fabric. If you're craving a riot of colour, within this wildcard wool you will discover a treasure trove of jewel-like tones, harmoniously tessellated for an irresistible and eye-catching ensemble. Embrace its exuberance and playfulness, allowing you to indulge in a celebration of vibrant, bold and extraordinary pieces.

Ideas mood board: a riot of colour, within this wildcard wool discover a treasure trove of jewel-like tones.

What's Next?

We now know that there are 6 fabrics in the collection, the individual colour palettes, its properties, how it is made, the specific weave, fabric names, and with strong references to crosshatches and block checks, you can probably piece together the rest of the jigsaw...

Join us in 2 weeks time for Chapter 4, the final instalment of the 2023 Story, where we officially reveal Heart of Huddersfield 2023 and watch it come alive.

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