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Heart of Huddersfield 2023!

The Crosshatch Chronicles are now officially LIVE and available to purchase!
On this page you will the four chapters in this years HoH Story where we tell you all about our journey in creating this years bespoke collection of woven woollen wonders, the Best Block Checks.

Chapter 1: Heart of Huddersfield Returns for 2023!

Can you believe it’s been 5 years since our very first collection of bespoke wools launched?

For those of you that aren’t au fait with our special woollen range, let us give you the tour.


Chapter 2: The Production Process & An Insight Into Our Minds

The second Chapter in our HoH pre-launch Story focuses on the new collection: how we are fully committed to sustainability, how we bring together all the necessary elements to create the perfect recipe, and the fabric design/weave for 2023 alongside a fun puzzle for budding code crackers.


Chapter 3: Let us introduce you to The Crosshatch Chronicles

With not long to go until the launch, we’re back again a couple of weeks on from Chapter 2 to share more reveals ahead of the big day at the beginning of September. Here we announce the official name of the collection, how to crack the code from our colour card, technical info and some fabric facts, how you can coordinate your HoH 2023 wool fabric, and introducing you to our 6 new members of the family.


Chapter 4: The Crosshatch Chronicles are here!

The fourth & final chapter of our HoH23 Story, bringing together the entire Heart of Huddersfield ensemble, with style inspiration, the benefits of working with wool, how to colour coordinate, and a sustainability reminder.

Heart of Huddersfield Historical Gallery

Enjoy looking back through a visual gallery of Heart of Huddersfield's history & collections from over the years, for fabric fantasising pleasure!

BLOG ARCHIVE: Heart of Huddersfield
Heart of Huddersfield 2022 Staff Makes and Reviews

Heart of Huddersfield 2022 Staff Makes and Reviews

Our wonderful Fabworks team have created their very own garments using our stunning 2022 Heart of Huddersfield wool fabrics 😍
Heart of Huddersfield is Back! Everything you need to know!

Heart of Huddersfield is Back! Everything you need to know!

Heading into Autumn/Winter time is quite exciting! If you're a sewing enthusiast, like us, the best part of all is that we can start sewing with fabulous Wool fabrics!