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Autumn Ramble Plaid - Yorkshire Wool Tweed

per half metre
Fabric Code: A2e42

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.


Weight: Medium

GSM: 322

Composition: 100% Wool

Width: 148cm / 58.2inch

Pattern repeat: 27.5cm / 10.8inch

Furnishing Rub Count: 20,000


This splendid woollen tweed was created by the same team of expert craftsmen that produce our exclusive HoH Collection. From yarn through to weaving and finishing this beauty was made in Yorkshire mills by Yorkshire folk!


Autumn Ramble Plaid - Yorkshire Wool Tweed boasts a palette of complementary hues that evoke thoughts of invigorating mizzle-soaked rambles. Picture the scene: a meandering track through autumnal woodland where the golden bronze, coin-like leaves of silver birch trees fall upon the rusted red and hazel brown of the bracken-strewn undergrowth all clothed in fine mizzly mist. The golden bronze, silver grey and hazel bands sit alongside rust-red and stalk green bands to form this perfect Autumn Ramble Plaid.


Autumn Ramble Plaid is a closely woven, versatile fabric with a medium weight and woolly feel that boasts a stable handle and reassuring drape, ideal for forming soft gathers or perfect pleats. Perfect for a plethora of sewing room projects, the Yorkshire Tweeds will always do as they are told. Wool of this kind is easy to sew and will stand the test of time.

Wool fabric has been used in garment manufacturing for generations. Did you know the first recorded piece of woollen clothing was produced over 10,000 years ago? These Yorkshire Tweeds are timeless classics, with their medium weight allowing for exceptional versatility in both clothing, craft and light soft furnishings.

Garment Suggestions:

Dressmakers, Reenactors, Costumiers, Interior Designers, Craftspeople and all lovers of textiles will find an abundance of uses for this first-rate woollen plaid: taking you through A/W and into Spring, after all, wool has natural water-repelling and temperature-regulating properties. Relaxing when steamed and contracting when cooled, wool allows for flexibility in areas such as elbows on jackets and pleats & gathers on skirts, giving you the freedom to create custom fits for a variety of garments.

Perfect for fashioning classic outerwear and hard-wearing separates. Start off with simple, stylish waistcoats, pencil skirts or A-line skirts. Add a complementary lining for garments that will soon become perennial favourites. Tried and tested these medium-weight materials have a variety of stylish and practical uses, from clothing and accessories to home furnishings and so much more.

Other Suggestions:

Interior Designers! Use this hard-wearing, yet soft classic wool plaid to create a range of coordinating soft furnishings such as curtains, blinds, throws, blankets and cushions for truly harmonious styling in the home.

Craftspeople! Appliquéd cushions, bags, door stops, draught excluders, hats, caps, neck warmers, mittens, wrist-warmers, the list is exponential. Create whatever this fabric inspires you to do!

Pattern Suggestions:




 The CoatPea Coat, Collared Cape, September CoatBernard Coat


Biker Cardi JacketSwing JacketCocoon JacketThe BlazerAurora Jacket, Caribou Cape Thayer Jacket, Ilford- Jacket

Dresses & Skirts

Triple TuckFolia FrockArtista DressAmelia Skirt, Ivy SkirtWrap Skirts, Folkwear Kilts

Assorted Separates 

Cordelia Trousers, Jemima Waistcoat, Belvedere Waistcoat 


Frame Bag, Weekend Bag, The Craggan Mens Messenger Bag

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Why choose wool fabric? Benefits of sewing with Wool! 🐑

We love wonderful wool! Why? Because it looks beautiful, well yes but did you know wool has a series of superpowers that make it the most incredible natural fibre, suitable for more garment suggestions and sewing inspiration than possibly any other?

Wool has a unique naturally crimped 3D structure which attributes to some brilliant properties & makes it a great fabric to wear throughout all the seasons.

Naturally Breathable: This amazing 3D crimped structure promotes air circulation allowing air to pass through the fabric, allowing for circulation and ventilation for your skin to breathe, keeping you cool.

Shower Resistant: Sheep naturally produce a waxy substance called lanolin. As sheep live outdoors, this naturally occurring wax helps to protect sheep from the elements, naturally shedding water & keeping them dry. This same property is retained within the wool fibres when spun into yarn.

Moisture Absorbing: The moisture-retentive superpowers of wool! It’s hydrophilic core gives wool the ability to wick away moisture keeping you dry and comfortable – this possibly one of our favourite properties because you can stay fresh when wearing wool, from autumn right through to spring!

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