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Thistledown Marl

Thistledown Marl fabrics form the second collection of Heart of Huddersfield. They are a collection of 12 semi-solid coloured fabrics takes its name from the soft fluffy seed heads of thistles. Commonly seen as a weed growing on open scrubby pastureland, but forming an important part of the landscape.

They were created after having identified a gap in the existing Heart of Huddersfield range, there was a specific focus on the handle of Thistledown Marl, with a need for a softer and more drapey woollen that would be ideal for creating less structured styles, and fill the gaps left from last year’s most popular wools. Think of all your favourite go-to garments: cardigans, coatigans and easy pop-on pullovers; the garments that go with everything and how they feel, move and handle.

Thistledown Marl is a fabulous alternative to a knitted fabric because it has a similar texture to a finely knitted woollen garment, just without the stretch, making it much easier to handle. The horizontal rows of fluffy textured bobbles and slubs (created by the bouclé yarn) give a pleasing cosy look and feel. Those tiny raised details will trap warm air next to the body to keep you warm.

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Thistledown Marl

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