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Fabworks Yorkshire Tweeds

Our Yorkshire Tweed fabrics are created by the same team of expert craftsmen that produce the Fabworks Heart of Huddersfield Collection. From yarn through to weaving and finishing, these beauties are made int' Yorkshire mills by Yorkshire folk!

Thunderbridge Storm - Marled Melton

per half metre
Fabric Code: A3b20

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.

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Thunderbridge Storm - Marled Melton is a new addition, all-wool melton fabric, we have managed to get our hands on it in a limited amount. Named of course after its predecessor from the Valley Mist collection, one of our very special exclusive Heart of Huddersfield wool range.

Created by exactly the same traditional techniques from a slightly softer yarn, we are sure there is more lambswool in this yarn, producing a softer feel and slightly lighter weight, but with the same versatile marled grey melange we know everyone loved. 


Thunderbridge Storm is 100% wool is created by weaving a natural and grey marled yarn on both the warp and weft. The fabric is then fulled, one of the processes used in creating melton, to give that felt-like finish. Each marled melton is then piece-dyed to its own unique colour, which emphasises the darker underlying grey fibres to create a multi-tonal marled effect, hence the name: Marled Melton.


A cooler toned fabric with a reassuring warmth, Thunderbridge Storm reminds us of the mist and the rain clouds with their grey hues (amazing colour saturation), and are inspired by the forever changing landscape of the Holme Valley and surrounding landmarks often clothed in mist and fog during, especially throughout past generations where the mills’ soot & smoke would colour the surrounding landscape.

This closely woven, felted and brushed 100% wool has a versatile medium/heavyweight and traditional wool feel that is lightly brushed with a cosy finish. Boasting a stable handle that drapes reassuringly, Thunderbridge Storm is perfect for keeping the elements out! A 100% wool fabric that will do as you tell it. Woollen fabrics of this kind are easy to sew and will stand the test of time.

Garment Suggestions:

Dressmakers, Reenactors, Costumiers, Interior Designers and Craftspeople – you will find a plethora of uses for this first-rate melton fabric, taking you through A/W and into spring.

Dressmakers this fabric is ideal for fashioning classic outerwear pieces and hard-wearing separates, these meltons will keep you especially warm and dry without being too heavy or bulky. Start with simple gilets and waistcoats or stylish wrap skirts for a quick make.

When your sewing skills are more established, jackets, coats and capes will give you all the sewing satisfaction you could wish for, try classic pea coats, duffle coats and oversized statement coat styles. Choose a complimentary lining to give a sophisticated finish for garments that will soon become perennial favourites.

This hard-wearing felted wool fabric is ideal for field-style jackets and country clothing too. Style your Thunderbridge Storm makes with other cool tones from the  Valley Mist collection for a rich and coordinating palette.

Reenactors and Costumiers; you will delight in the natural hues of this 100% wool. A hard-wearing fabric superb that is for outerwear. A classic weave that is naturally weatherproof, full of natural fibres and colours and with a classic wool feel.

Other Uses:

Interior Designers wool featuring that typical rugged look will help you to create a range of cosy soft furnishings. Cushions, throws, blinds and curtains will all look subtle yet striking in the home.

Craftspeople appliquéd cushions, bag making, door stops, draught excluders, hats, caps, neck warmers, mittens & wrist-warmers, throws & blankets and much more. Whatever this fabric inspires you to do!

The Perfect Fit having put the whole collection together and tested out colour and weave combinations, we suggest mixing Thunderbridge Storm with the other grey tones from the Valley Mist collection, or alternatively style with another Marled Melton for a quirky colour blocking style!


Weight: Medium / Heavy

GSM: 359

Composition: 100% Wool & Lambswool Blend

Width: 156cm / 61.4inch

Pattern repeat: N/A

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Click here for any queries relating to the HOH range please see our HOH FAQs page tailored to this specific collection of woollens.
Garment Suggestions:
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 Dresses & Skirts:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Smart wool

I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed when this fabric was not as thick as I hoped BUT nevertheless it is a beautiful, very firmly woven, hard wearing wool in a true-to-the-photo colour which will drape nicely and make a gorgeous coat (skills of the sewist permitting!).

I’m not experienced in buying coating fabric and now I know that what I was after is not this weight, but it will be lighter to handle & sew and be generally an easier make for someone who has never made a coat before!

Also I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful free lining added to my order, along with the coordinating scarf & many other invaluable ’goodies’ as part of Fabworks’ birthday celebrations.

Fulfilment of my order was very speedy and once again I’m most impressed by the service I have received.

M Kenning
Lovely Wool

I made a hacked Joe Coat by Ready to Wear from this fabric. It was easy to work with and has a good weight for coats. It pressed well and was easy to sew. There was a light hint of sheep when it was pressed (as is normal), but the scent didn't linger once the fabric cooled. The colour is great and I think it will match everything. I would recommend using their thread matching service. I didn't and struggled to colour match the thread online, rookie mistake.


Fabworks Yorkshire Tweeds

Our Yorkshire Tweed fabrics are created by the same team of expert craftsmen that produce our exclusive HoH Collection. From yarn through to weaving and finishing, these beauties are made int' Yorkshire mills by Yorkshire folk!


Made in Yorkshire mills by Yorkshire folk! This is one of Fabworks’ famous Yorkshire-made pure wool fabrics, constructed using surplus yarns that have been recycled & repurposed to create limited runs of exquisite quality classic tweed styles. Locally manufactured within an 8-mile radius of Fabworks, UK-spun wool yarns sourced from across the country are put into weave at some of world’s most renowned tweed mills, located in Huddersfield (West Yorkshire, England, UK). The heritage and quality of these items represents classic British manufacturing, in the heart of The Heavy Woollen District of West Yorkshire, renowned for its expertise in wool textiles manufacture.

These are all bespoke one-off pieces that are only available at Fabworks, conjuring heritage, sentiment and locale into the curation of classy colour palettes with a colourful and eco-friendly sustainable twist.

Properties & Detailing:

Featuring a range of different weaves, weights and finishes, you will find herringbones, twills, tartans, block checks, birdseyes, jacquards, houndstooths & other special weaves. You may even spot some completely unique weaves in this collection, where along with our manufacturer, we have been able to create brand new & completely niche weave patterns. The weavers who produce these beautiful cloths are experts in their field, operating a small family-run setup, just like our Fabworks family, offering completely unique one-off limited runs.

Fabric: Wayside Emerald - Best Block Check from The Heart of Huddersfield Crosshatch Chronicles collection A/W 2023


All the Yorkshire Tweed fabrics are suitable for a range of practical purposes, from classic wool jackets & coats, to quirky skirts & home furnishings. With a minimum rub count (Martindale) of 20,000 these fabrics are equally serviceable for soft furnishing around the home either as tweed curtains, cushions or pouffes.

Did you know? Wool fabric has been used in garment manufacturing for generations, with the first recorded piece of woollen clothing produced over 10,000 years ago? These Yorkshire Tweeds are timeless classics, with their mediumweight allowing for exceptional versatility in both clothing, craft and light soft furnishings.

Fabric: Wayside Emerald - Best Block Check from The Heart of Huddersfield Crosshatch Chronicles collection A/W 2023


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