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Silky Stretch Cotton Twill - Deep Teal

per half metre
Fabric Code: M4e9

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.


Weight: Medium / Light

GSM: 209

Composition: 98% Cotton & 2% Elastane

Width: 154cm / 60.6inch

Pattern repeat: N/A


Deep Teal is a fabulous designer deadstock fabric. Originally used to create super stylish women's wear with a chic sense of style. Easy wear twill cotton fabrics are perennial favourites for creating smart, stylish and hard-wearing apparel.


Deep Teal is a delightful dark blue-green tone the colour of its namesake's beautiful plumage. This jewel-like hue is the perfect alternative to your usual navy, ideal for creating key pieces for stylish and self-assured style.    


Deep Teal  is meticulously woven from a high thread count of cotton and elastane yarns. The close silky twill-woven construction thus produces a light-mediumweight fabric with a subtle silken sheen. Apparel made in this quality fabric will be well worth the effort of paying attention to detail.  

Gaberdine, drills and twills are practical and hardwearing thanks to a close weave construction with lightly raised diagonal ridges. Its fine twill weave, stable handle, light elastane ease widthwise medium-lightweight, reassuringly heavy drape and pleasing almost silky cotton feel, make Deep Teal perfect for a plethora of practical and classic clothing.

This fabric boasts excellent strength, stability and a versatile handle. It will drape well (displaying the subtle sheen) and has a pleasing malleable hand, yet will hold crisp details such as collars and top-stitched panels; characteristic of jeans and utility styles. Depending on the patterns you choose you can style this fabric in a seriously smart way or something more casual.

Garment Suggestions:

Deep Teal is perfect for creating, hard-wearing key pieces for your bespoke wardrobe from workable separates to stand-alone pieces. Consider super stylish classic blazers- Burda 7134The Avid Seamstress - The Blazer with matching skirts The Pattern Stash - Amelia Skirt, and trousers; wide-legged like The Pattern Stash - Cordelia Trousers or narrow-legged cigar pants. Choose an equally chic lining for your jackets from our Special Occasion Satin and Jewel Jacquard Collections.

Utilise the silky and reassuring drape quality and create softly draping dresses - fit and flare styles with a nod to the 50s, or 60s inspired A-line silhouettes with contrasting white or black details-piping, collars and pocket flaps. Move into seventies-era fashion inspiration and make yourself the most fabulous and comfortable jumpsuit: The Fibre Mood - Leah Jumpsuit.

  For more casual styles; 

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About This Fabric

Bringing You A Range of Exquisite High Quality Ex-Designer Fabrics

Fabworks is fortunate enough to have exclusive access to this superb range of fabrics that have been sourced as deadstock surplus from a revered British Designer based in the midlands of the UK, once the season's garments have been manufactured. This renowned brand label stands as a beacon of excellence, and although we can't share their brand name with you, you may identify them through their signature colour combinations.

With fabrics originating from prestigious mills across the globe, from the finest cashmere of Scotland to the lush linens of Belgium, and fine cottons that you'd be forgiven for mistaking for silk, each fabric exudes luxury and sophistication. Embracing a commitment to sustainability, the brand prioritizes ethical sourcing practices, fostering partnerships with artisans and communities worldwide. Whether crafting bespoke garments or unique creations, the allure of these sumptuous textiles is undeniable, captivating designers and connoisseurs alike.

Elevate your creations with the unparalleled elegance and craftsmanship of these coveted fabrics, a testament to timeless style and impeccable taste.


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