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Pearl Grey Panama - One-Off Linen Roll (2.6m + 3.4m)

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Fabric Code: L129 + L130

Only 1 units of this product left


Weight: Medium / Heavy

Composition: 100% Linen

Width: 145cm minimum

Fabric Length: this fabric is sold in pieces of 2.6m + 3.4m


A cool platinum grey with a lustrous pearly hue

Product Detailing:

This panama style weave has an all-over uniform light texture (unlike classic linen) akin to a tropical weave suiting fabric. Its semi-chunky yarns create a drapey and textured breathable fabric, with weave detailing catching the light for a subtle lustre, otherwise matte finish. A washed and worn reassuringly comfy handle, perfect for structured and unstructured styles in this elegant very pale neutral hue. Definitely suited to dressmaking, but will also act as the perfect fabric for soft furnishings such as cushions, blinds, as well as craft projects

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About This Collection

One-Off Linen Rolls

Pure: 100% pure linen, with no other textile fibres present

Variety: Full spectrum of colours & styles in classic linen fabrics

Pieces not Lengths: Sold as full pieces only, priced per piece. No cutting

Utterly Unique: 1 unit available of each fabric. Add 1 to cart to purchase total length specified, ranging from 1.2m to 9.9m*

Quality: Sourced from a top name in European linen manufacturing, we guarantee the quality is superb. All thoroughly checked for quality control with unique product description & detailing