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100% Linen - Springtime Shadow

per half metre
Fabric Code: J2d47

Only 1m of this product left in stock

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.

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Weight: Medium

GSM: 242

Composition: 100% Linen

Width: 150cm / 59inch

Pattern repeat: N/A


Made in Europe by a company of world renown, with centuries of expertise and tradition. This pure linen fabric will be cool and breathable, getting softer with washing & wear, and linen is impervious to moths and resists dirt and stains. Linen will not form lint or pill and can be washed at high temperatures with only moderate shrinkage. The characteristic slubs (once viewed as a fault) are now part of the aesthetic appeal of quality linen fabric.


100% Linen - Springtime Shadow contains green, said to represent peace, harmony and sophistication. A staple for all wardrobes and, as mother nature intended can be teamed with any other colour of your choosing. 


Lightly textured with characteristic linen slubs.

Stable and hardwearing.

Malleable and soft enough to produce gathers and pleats and tucks.

Reassuring weighty drape quality.

Garment Suggestions:

Create cool and comfortable summer classics or staple garments for year-round wear.  Construct wardrobe favourites from classic shirts and T-shirt style tops, dresses and pretty blouses, such as Sagebrush Top and Anthea Blouse.

Linens perfect use for this textured slubby linen for summer styles such as the Tulip Dress and Triple Tuck Smock from Sew Different and the Megan Nielson - Protea or for Lagenlook styles, such as patterns from Boho Banjo and fashion looks of Gudrun Sjoden.

Create loose layering vests and A-line styles, shark bite overtunics, sleeveless overdresses and skirts. Incorporate into textile art-like pieces and mix with embroidery, weaving and lace appliqué.

 Home Furnishing:

Light and airy window treatments with a very boho free-spirited look.

Use as a table decoration for country-style weddings with wildflowers etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Yana Demyanenko
Gorgeous linen

Overall, it's a stunning linen. Absolutely beautiful colour with a brownish green warp and apple green weft with slubby texture. Good weight and quite soft. Wrinkles are soft and beautiful as opposed to harsh and noticeable as can be with crisper linen. However, this linen needs a right project. The light green yarn is a little weak and it's quite difficult to pull out strands as it tears really easily where the yarn is thicker and there are lots of such places. Because of the way the weft is, the fabric is a little prone to pilling in high friction areas. This is something to be aware of when deciding what to make with this. I would perhaps avoid using thing this for trousers that would see frequent wear or need to be quite sturdy. It would be ideal for a cozy autumn linen shirt though. I've so far made a pair of shorts and I found that after a couple of days of wear (admittedly a lot of walking in hot weather, some of it while dampened by ocean water) and a wash there is noticeable pilling in the crotch area if you look closely. This is not a disaster however, as the slubby look of the fabric overall and location means it's not really noticeable to anyone except me when I hang the washing. If the pilling continues as I subject this to long hikes I'm a little worried the cloth would wear a little thin in that area (I've had this happen before with a pair of washed linen dungarees, I should have learned my lesson). This is not a deal breaker for me now that I know to be a little more careful and take a little more care. I would perhaps use the rest of the length on a shirt, dress or a blouse to take advantage of the softness without needing the extreme durability.

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