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Everything you need to know about The Amelia Skirt - Sewing Pattern from The Pattern Stash

The Amelia Skirt:

A Ladies panelled, fully lined straight skirt. Including two front pockets carefully constructed within the side front panels.

Available in knee & calf length.

Suitable for confident beginners - a pattern for beginners looking to develop & enhance their sewing skills & repertoire!

UK Sizes 6 - 26

Take me to the Amelia Skirt Sewing Pattern!



BRAND NEW! Amelia Skirt PDF Sewing Pattern! 



Sewing Kit with Two Fabrics - Available now!



Single Fabric Sewing Kit - Available now!



Wool Fabrics suitable for the Amelia Skirt



Cotton & Denim Fabrics Suitable for the Amelia Skirt



How to take your Measurements Guide!



Fitting tips for the Amelia Skirt



How to insert an Invisible Zip Tutorial!
How to Lengthen & Shorten your Amelia Skirt pattern!
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FAQ's - Amelia Skirt
Where can I buy the Amelia Skirt sewing pattern?

You can purchase an Amelia Skirt sewing pattern from Fabworks Online HERE. You can also purchase a physical copy from Fabworks Mill Shop if you are vising our store!

The Amelia Skirt is currently only available as a Physical sewing pattern. We will be launching a PDF version soon!

Sewing kits for this pattern will also be available soon!

What sizes is the pattern available in?

The sewing pattern is available in UK sizes 6 - 26, please see the size guide below!

Who is this sewing pattern suitable for?

The Amelia Skirt is suitable for confident beginners. Those who are looking to develop their sewing skills. This pattern contains core sewing skills including, fitting an invisible zip, attaching a curved waistband & sewing a double kick pleat.

This skirt pattern is fully lined which is an essential skill for most sewing patterns!

How much fabric do I need for the Amelia Skirt?

This is a guide to how much fabric you need for using 1 fabric for all panels of your Amelia Skirt.

If your fabric & lining is 150cm (60") wide, you will need:

6 - 12
14 - 20 
22 - 26
Knee Length Skirt
85cm / 0.9yd 125cm / 1.3yd 160cm / 1.75yd
Calf Length Skirt
105cm / 1.2yd 150cm / 1.7yd 190cm / 2yd


If your fabric & lining is 115cm (45") wide, you will need:

6 - 12
14 - 20 
22 - 26
Knee Length Skirt
135cm / 1.5yd 150cm / 1.6yd 200cm / 2.2yd
Calf Length Skirt
150cm / 1.6yd 190cm / 2yd 240cm / 2.6yd


If you'd like to use a contrast fabric for some of your panels, you will need approximately:

  • 75 cm of each fabric for a size 6 - 12 (long length)
  • 80 cm of each fabric fabric for sizes 14 - 20 (long length)
  • 110 cm of each fabric for sizes 22 - 26 (long length)

This sewing pattern is a great stash buster, you can use different fabrics for different panels. Move your pattern pieces around and cut ACROSS the width of your fabric as well as DOWN the Grainline Length! Please bear in mind the stability of your fabric, the drape and handle may change when working across the grain - hold your fabric and move it around before cutting out, to see how the fabric handles.

Amelia Skirt Sewing Pattern Hacks! - Coming Soon!

This pattern is super versatile and there are so many features you can add and adjust to create different looks and styles!

Why not try adding pocket flaps to your pockets (within the pocket construction) for a utility style!

Add buttons to your centre front panel for a military style!

Use multiple fabrics from your fabric stash for a super stand out garment!

Create a longer length for a super chic style.

Add a frill to the hem of your skirt for a contemporary twist on the Amelia Skirt, perfect pairing with frilly tops & blouses!

Photo content coming soon!



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