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What is your favourite autumnal fabric to use during the colder months?

Here's a snap we took a couple of weeks ago whilst wandering through the Yorkshire countryside, a short moment in time that narrates nature's own story at this time of year 🍂🍃

When it comes to fabric we like to move with the seasons, presenting you with the style ideas and appropriate fabrics to match the climate. Now that the pesky heatwave from last week has dispersed, we're busy squirrelling away getting ready for the autumnal 'hibernation' stocking the shelves with timeless tweed, durable utility cotton, cosy thick fleece, classic comfy sweatshirting and all the essentials for A/W sewing! We've got you covered, quite literally 🧵

While you await our latest Autumn/Winter Arrivals, check out our Autumn/Winter sewing section on the homepage to view fabrics perfect for those wet chilly days, including a special pattern feature on the Ilford Jacket!