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Why? Heart of Huddersfield Pre-Launch Reveal

Why? Heart of Huddersfield Pre-Launch Reveal


Over recent years Fabworks has been fortunate enough to be able to source beautiful and colourful woollen fabrics of the highest quality, but tightening stock control in recent years from regular suppliers has left us struggling to source the variety that we’re all used to. We needed something that would be equally stunning and colourful as well as suitably bespoke, hence the creation of Heart of Huddersfield in 2019; a unique range of 100% woollen fabrics for apparel and dressmaking, designed by & manufactured exclusively for Fabworks.

Having been hugely popular last year, this year we are continuing the theme with more additions to the range. With an emphasis on the fact that we are adding to the already existing Heart of Huddersfield fabrics, this year’s collection is designed to compliment whilst still having its own unique style. Again, this a fabric that we have literally created ourselves from start to finish, specifying yarn types, weave details and finishing processes. Truly 100% bespoke.

With last year’s experience under our belt we have tailored these soon-to-be-revealed fabrics to make sure that they are perfect for creating all those cosy A/W styles. As wool fanatics we all know the struggle of finding a quality product that is different and stands out from the rest. It would be easy to follow the crowd and source from the mass producers in China, Turkey or Italy and it would probably be cheaper too. But that is not what Fabworks is about. Why would we actively source fabrics from the other side of the world when we have everything on our doorstep to create perfection in fabric; having control over every fine detail?

We are Yorkshire folk and we are proud it, we value the heritage, we support the local economy & other small businesses and we want to make sure that this collection is kind to the planet as well. Fibres are spun, yarns woven & fabrics finished all within an 8 mile radius of Fabworks (West Yorkshire, England) thus reducing the environmental impact and the fabric’s carbon footprint. Keeping it local also means that we can actually spend time at the mills watching our fabrics come to life. Can you imagine how exciting this is? We have developed a close relationship with these other small local businesses and know that together we are creating something that is a genuine Yorkshire product to be proud of, whilst at the same time making sure that it is exactly what our customers want too.

Trust us when we say that these fabrics are not something you have seen before…

More reveals in the next blog entry.


Why: this is the perfect opportunity to create a bespoke collection of woollen fabrics on our doorstep, with all the necessary expertise we could need. Whilst simultaneously keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum and offering a bespoke range of intricately detailed wool fabrics made in Yorkshire.


If you missed our first blog post on 3rd August you can find it here: https://www.fabworks.co.uk/blogs/fabworks-blog-all-you-need-to-sew/announcement-2020-what-where

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