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Hazel & Holly Berry Pin Dot - Wool Blend Suiting

per half metre
Fabric Code: B2b35

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.

1 review


Weight: Light / Medium

GSM: 200

Composition: 50% Wool  50% Polyester

Width: 156cm / 61.4inch

Pattern repeat: 1.5cm / 0.6inch


Hazel & Holly Berry Pin Dot - Wool Blend Suiting is super chic wool and poly blend suiting weight fabric, originally created for a top British designer. The mellow and warming hues of hazel brown and berry red are just perfect for creating stylish A/W clothing which will take you effortlessly into Spring.


Camel, caramel, light tan, hazel however you want to think of this mellow tone, it has a timeless style. The pin dots of red are perfect to pick out with your accessories, lipstick or nails! 


The fine-combed yarns create a twill woven fabric (with accent pin dots which are arranged in faint horizontal lines) boasting a subtle lustre that will quite easily pass for all wool worsted, polyester lessens the chances of shrinkage making the fabric easier to care for.

Hazel & Holly Berry has an elegant drape quality (akin to a fine wool dress crepe) and is perfect for dapper gents and sophisticated lady’s attire suitable for year-round wearability. Team your carefully created separates with a red fine merino wool jumper for the cooler months and with a crisp white cotton shirt when the weather gets warmer.

Garment Suggestions:

Our mantra is, "suiting is not just for suits" and this super chic fabric is perfect for a wide range of clothing styles for snappily dressed gents and stylish ladies. Neat blazers and matching skirts, (pencil, pleated or A-line). Trouser lovers make sharp cigar-style trousers or glamorous wide-legged trousers with a retro style. 

The Pattern Stash's Cordelia Trousers are ideal, add deep turn-ups for a swishy weighted drape quality. Cinch in your waist with a matching closely fitted Jemima Waistcoat for bombshell glamour and a forever outfit with class! This chic beauty will also make sophisticated shift and coat dresses sleeveless jackets and long-line blazers. 

View the other photographs to see the scale and know exactly what you're buying. Hover over the images for a closer look! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Excellent fabric

Usual excellent quality from Fabworks for the prices charged, I won't buy anywhere else now, pity shop is over 200 miles away or I would be there every week.

Why choose wool fabric?

Benefits of sewing with Wool! 🐑

We love wonderful wool! Why? Because it looks beautiful, well yes but did you know wool has a series of superpowers that make it the most incredible natural fibre, suitable for more garment suggestions and sewing inspiration than possibly any other?

Wool has a unique naturally crimped 3D structure which attributes to some brilliant properties & makes it a great fabric to wear throughout all the seasons.

Naturally Breathable: This amazing 3D crimped structure promotes air circulation allowing air to pass through the fabric, allowing for circulation and ventilation for your skin to breathe, keeping you cool.

Shower Resistant: Sheep naturally produce a waxy substance called lanolin. As sheep live outdoors, this naturally occurring wax helps to protect sheep from the elements, naturally shedding water & keeping them dry. This same property is retained within the wool fibres when spun into yarn.

Moisture Absorbing: The moisture-retentive superpowers of wool! It’s hydrophilic core gives wool the ability to wick away moisture keeping you dry and comfortable – this possibly one of our favourite properties because you can stay fresh when wearing wool, from autumn right through to spring!

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