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Pure Utility Panels - One-Off Linen Roll (1.7m + 1.7m)

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Fabric Code: L307 + L308

Only 1 units of this product left


Weight: Heavy

Composition: 100% Linen

Width: 145cm minimum

Panel repeat: 4 x 26cm, 1 x 24cm, 1 x 13cm

Fabric Length: this fabric is sold in pieces of 1.7m + 1.7m

This is the same fabric as Pure Utility Panels - One-Off Linen Roll (1.2m + 1.6m + 1.6m)


A warm stone, beige with grey undertones, with natural white top-stitching panels

Product Detailing:

This fine yet dense twill weave has a fantastic washed denim style (with a similar heavy denim weight). Woven from chunky heavy gauge yarns for a strong, sturdy and hard-wearing. stable hand, yet very malleable and reassuringly heavy drape quality. Featuring a lightly textured feel (due to twill ridges) and an almost brushed and washed & worn feel, plus super fine striations and slubs. This classic heavyweight style will make a host of superb utility & denim clothing makes, plus crafts and accessories too

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About This Collection

One-Off Linen Rolls

Pure: 100% pure linen, with no other textile fibres present

Variety: Full spectrum of colours & styles in classic linen fabrics

Pieces not Lengths: Sold as full pieces only, priced per piece. No cutting

Utterly Unique: 1 unit available of each fabric. Add 1 to cart to purchase total length specified, ranging from 1.2m to 9.9m*

Quality: Sourced from a top name in European linen manufacturing, we guarantee the quality is superb. All thoroughly checked for quality control with unique product description & detailing