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Harvester Pants Pattern - Sew Different


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The Pattern:

The Harvester Pants are loose fitting, 3/4 length trousers with generous pockets. There are front pleats and the back waistband is elasticated for an easy and comfortable fit. There are scalloped vents at the bottom of each trouser leg.

There is the option to cut your pattern for either a flat, or a full-bottomed, body-shape. Trousers fitting is always a little more tricky than for a dress due to the “apple verses pear” body shape issue that designers face. We have addressed this by giving you two cutting options to choose from. If your bottom sticks out (regardless of dress size, then you need to cut the full bottom line. If you are flatter bottomed (more of an apple shape usually), then go for the flat bottom cut line.

Level: Intermediate

Time:  4 hours 

1.5cm seam allowance 

Includes 10 sizes: UK8-26

Suggested fabrics:

Cotton, linen, denim, needlecord. 


1 inch wide elastic (half the length of your waist measurement)

Iron on interfacing  – 0.5m

Fabric Quantity:

Fabric 150 / 60” wide

UK size 8-18 • 1.5m / 1.75yds 

UK size 20-26 • 2m / 2yds

Fabric 112cm / 45” wide 

All sizes • 2.5m / 2.75yds

Additional Notes:

Please note that Fabworks Online can only provide fabrics in units of 0.5m. For answers to our most frequently asked questions please click here

Who are Sew Different?

This pattern is also available to buy at Fabworks Mill Shop in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

This product is a physical paper copy of the Harvester Pants Pattern.

All patterns bought from Fabworks will be dispatched using the same delivery service that is used for fabric orders. If your order contains one of these sewing patterns and fabric(s) we will send all items together. More info here

For more information about these patterns please contact Laura at Sew Different


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