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❌ 🧵 Perfectly Imperfect Fabric 🧶 ❌

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Fine Needle Cord 100% Cotton - Chocolate Casual Cord (22 Wale - Perfectly Imperfect)

per half metre
Fabric Code: Z2c39

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.


Weight: Medium / Light

GSM: 182

Composition: 100% Cotton

Width: 144cm / 56.6inch

Pattern repeat: 22 Wales per inch

Perfectly Imperfect Note:

This seriously serviceable 100% cotton fine needlecord came to us with a few more horizontal crinkles than it should have had, and with a slight crushing to the pile that has caused a lightly striated appearance to the usually uniform vertical ridges. In true Fabworks fashion, we don't put our name to something we wouldn't be happy with ourselves. We gave it a 30°C wash and ironed it (always on the reverse with corduroy style fabrics). The light striations have reduced but are still visible, creating a casual cord style for this gorgeously soft fabric. Perfect for a host of comfy clothing. Product photos show this fabric before it has been washed.


Corduroy is having quite a revival. Fashion often dictates our choices when dressmaking, whether you follow the fashions to the book or loosely make a reference to them. We have been seeing corduroy fashions from the ’70s - ‘90s filtering down onto today's high street. Perfect for a cosy layer for outer clothing or for comforting shirts and dresses come A/W.

Favoured for classic styles such as country wear and children’s clothing because of its comfortable, hard-wearing and classic style, there are a host of things you will want to make from this beautiful fabric.


Fine Needle Cord 100% Cotton - Chocolate Casual Cord (22 Wale - Perfectly Imperfect) features warm and earthy with soft chocolate undertones. Brown is a comforting colour and conveys a feeling of trust and reliability. Perfect for casual attire and outdoor clothing with a country style.


This stroke-able, soft and velvety brown fine needlecord has approximately 15 wales, cords, per inch, making it superfine and an excellent alternative to velvet for accents on collars, pocket flaps etc often featured on country tweed fabrics such as our Heart of Huddersfield in the form of jackets and coats. Stable width and lengthwise this 100% cotton fabric is breathable and hard-wearing, yet boasts a soft drape quality waiting to be gathered into feminine styles.

Garment Suggestions:

Make super comfy garments for you and yours, from baby's and toddler's dungarees and trousers (add some richly coloured cotton flannel to turn ups and cuffs on matching jackets), to grown-up and stylish pleat-fronted trousers, Pattern Stash - Cordelia Trousers, boiler suits and jumpsuits. Get creative and use Chocolate for quilted jackets such as the Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio. Adding a bespoke patchwork lining, batting (wadding) and then quilting your design through onto the brown corduroy will make for stunning effects.

Take advantage of the soft drape quality and make pretty, tiered dresses (prairie style) for your favourite little girls, and why not make a grown-up version too? Adding colourful embroidery, smocking or applique will create a #cottagecorestyle.

Need a quick fix? Add rows of multicoloured ricrac trim to cuffs and hemlines for a folk-style look. Fashion yourself seriously smart shirts, shirt dresses, pinafore dresses and gathered skirts - ideal for A/W.

 Other Uses:

Use any leftover & scrap pieces for accessories: bags, hats, caps, neck warmers and so much more.

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❕ ❌ 🧵 Perfectly Imperfect Fabric 🧶 ❌ ❕

Our Perfectly Imperfect fabrics are not quite perfect due to minor production errors. Most (but not all) imperfections are not very noticeable.

Imperfections for this fabric are listed within the products description above. Fabworks Does not sell or produce fabrics that are hugely faulty. All are perfectly imperfect and not quite up to scratch to be sold at their original retail price.

We advise ordering samples to gauge the fabric quality and see any imperfections.

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