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Textured Crepe Double Jersey - Silky Black

per half metre
Fabric Code: D1a45 (E1b21)

Only 1m of this product left in stock

Price is per HALF metre. 1 unit = 0.5metres. For 1.5metres, add 3 units.

All cut length orders are sent as one continuous length.


Weight: Light / Medium

Composition: Polyester & Elastane

Width: 158cm / 62.2inch

Pattern repeat: N/A

As its name suggests Textured Crepe Double Jersey - Silky Black is a wonderfully silky feeling double jersey with a subtle sheen. It boasts a smooth finish on the reverse and an excellent crepe like finish on the face side. Look closely and you will find the textured finish on this fab fabric emulates a finely woven basket weave! This clever textural detail elevate's this fabric from a standard crepe jersey to something with more style and finesse. This easy wear easy care fabric doesn't crease, it washes and dries quickly and is super comfortable.

This versatile double jersey boasts an excellent bouncy width-wise stretch and a less pronounced stretch on the length. The soft and drapey handle is silky and swishy, you will want to make the most of this by constructing pieces that swirl and drape with feminine style. You'll find Silky Black is perfect for fashioning a multitude of key pieces for your wardrobe. Think tunic tops and dresses and shift dresses, as well as fit and flare dresses with a neat and simple elasticated waist. Skater dresses, tulip skirts, harem pants, Wendy Wards Longshaw Dress and Skirt. Basically any drapey style that requires a fluid drape is ideal.

Why not try making a dressy and comfortable jumpsuit? These versatile clothing staples are all over the high street and you won't believe how comfortable they are until you try one made from jersey like this! NO ZIPS!

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