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Classic Black - Cashmere Selvedge Trim

per half metre
Fabric Code: TRIM 22

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Weight: Light

Composition:100% Cashmere 

Width: 2cm / 0.78inch (approx.)

Pattern repeat: N/A


I've been saved from landfill!

Fabworks has acquired this wonderful cashmere selvedge trim from a local and well renowned, high end, natural fibre, fabric manufacturer in Yorkshire. There are so many creative uses that we knew that it was simply too good to go to waste. Presenting you with cashmere selvedge trim, a by-product of the fabric's production.

These colourful comfortingly soft and lightly brushed textured wonders form an integral part of the construction of the fabric, providing a stable edge to the fabrics whilst being woven, they are cut off the fabric before it goes to the finishers.

This collection of selvedges contains a mixture of cashmere yarn combinations perfect for textile artists, fashion designers and 'fabaholics'!


Classic Black. A key ingredient for your artistic masterpieces.


Ideal uses include adding hand-fringed raw edges to your garments, creating rag rugs or incorporating them into large-scale woven art pieces and other artistic textile creations. Let your imagination lose and create some magic!!

Disclaimer: This trim is raw with an open, unfinished cashmere meaning there are loose fibres which may be irritable to those with allergies.
All cashmere selvedges are sold in half-metres units, to order 2 metres simply add 4 units to your basket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Very soft and with a cosy feel to the touch from the cashmere selvedge edge which can be used for beautiful raw edge features on garments. Highly recommended.

Indy W.
Lovely cashmere selvedge edge

This is a treat to have. It’s gorgeous and warm to the touch. I really enjoy using beautiful selvedge edges as additions to garments to add something different as a visual contrast to the garment fabric I’m using to andd appeal, creativity and beauty to my DIY designed garment projects. As I really can’t get enough of such lovely selvedge edges, I’ll purchase these when making an order to add to my varied stash. For me, beautiful fabric selvedge edges are a must have to use around necklines, armholes in sleeveless dresses or tops or placed across a garment as a statement feature. The possibilities are endless.

This is a Deadstock Fabric

Did you know that the majority of Fabworks' stock is sourced as deadstock?

This means that once it's sold out it cannot be repeated!

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