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This is the original collection of Heart of Huddersfield fabrics exclusive to us at Fabworks. As the name of the collection suggests, this brand new woollen collection is manufactured in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Keeping it local and working with the heritage-steeped mills of Huddersfield for every stage in the process, from spinning through to weaving and finishing you can be assured that the attention to detail and quality will be second to none. What a fabulous opportunity to be able to offer the best woollen fabrics, produced in the most experienced mills, sourced from healthy sheep, to create a top collection of fabrics, because we know that quality never dates.

The first year we produced Heart of Huddersfield we had a massive 43 fabrics woven in a variety of interesting a classic weaves which we broke down into 5 collections. Each fabric, their colours and name were inspired by nature and the beauty of the Yorkshire countryside. You can find each fabric collection along with the fabrics from them below in our Legacy fabric gallery.

HoH19 Legacy Fabric Collections

Heart of Huddersfield FAQs

Everything you need to know about Heart of Huddersfield

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Huddersfield is famous for its woollen manufacturing, one of the most impressive and renowned producers of wool...

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Every tiny detail for our own bespoke HoH collection of woollen fabrics was selected through careful planning and preparation.

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Dawn, our fabric expert gives us an insight into her textiles history: I am a proud Yorkshire woman and I was blessed with parents and grandparents...