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Heart of Huddersfield is Back! Everything you need to know!

Heart of Huddersfield is Back! Everything you need to know!

Heading into Autumn/Winter time is quite exciting! If you're a sewing enthusiast, like us, the best part of all is that we can start sewing with fabulous Wool fabrics! 

New for Autumn 2022 and back for a fourth year, our latest Heart of Huddersfield has just launched! 

If you've kept up to date on our social media, or popped into our Mill Shop, then you'll already know this! For those of you who haven't yet discovered the new collection, we've just launched our brand new HOH Collection for A/W 2022; 12 Herringbone fabrics in 12 fabulous new colours!

Half of the fabrics have a soft, light grey warp, called "The Mist Herringbones". The other six have a dark grey warp, called "The Storm Herringbones".



Why did we choose a Herringbone collection?

Well, the answer is simple. This iconic design is actually a version of the twill weave & has been used for fabric and accessories for centuries, remaining consistently popular.

When researching analytics on our previous most popular colours and weaves there was no surprise our Herringbone fabrics topped the charts. Our original herringbone fabrics from the first HOH collection were super popular and we knew there was room to expand on the range.

After two consecutive years of bringing you solid dyed fabrics we felt that we could now supplement our HOH range with those lovely iconic Herringbone Tweeds, the decision was easy to make. 

How did we decide on the colours?

Each year, when designing our HOH Collections, we always envision how our new fabrics will sit alongside our previous fabrics.

These Herringbone beauties have been designed to complement the existing fabrics for a totally cohesive collection. You can create lasting key separates with accessories to sit alongside. It also means that you can pick and choose two or more fabrics to use together, for example one of our new Herringbones with one of our Twill Meltons from 2021. 

What made us choose this size of the Herringbone chevron?

When comparing different Herringbone weaves, the size of the chevron itself was very important to us. We wanted a size that was large enough to be noticeable but not too large that it wouldn't be able to be used for smaller projects such as purses, bags, etc. It was eventually decided that a 25mm Herringbone would be the perfect size, this is the same size of our original HOH 2019 Herringbones.

Where are our HOH fabrics woven? 

The West Riding of Yorkshire is steeped in the history and traditions of woollen fabric manufacture. This year we have ventured even higher into the “mills and hills” of West Yorkshire where the panoramic views are almost 360 degrees.


Rolling patchwork fields feature rambling dry-stone walls, streams and rivers. The HOH collection is woven in these very hills by the weaving companies who also create fabrics for some of the top Italian design houses. 

We are proud to promote the region with its hard working people who live and breath these looms and the countless other clever pieces of machinery used during the manufacturing process. These highly-skilled workers shouldn't be overlooked, many of them have worked in this field all their lives.

These trades are disappearing far too quickly and we need to support our companies to produce and colleges to educate a new generation of textile workers & users to save the textiles legacy of West Yorkshire.

By choosing HOH for your bespoke makes, you are supporting & helping to preserve this legacy.

View our brand new HOH Collection here.

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