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COLOUR! The Focus of HOH 2021

COLOUR! The Focus of HOH 2021

HOH '21 is now LIVE! Click Here to view the collection!
Monday 23rd August 2021: HOH '21 Blog 2

Here’s something that we at Fabworks take great pride in talking about (besides our Yorkshire heritage) is our value for money.

Our Heart of Huddersfield Range has certain requirements: top quality fabrics from sustainable sources, manufactured locally and unique to us.

After creating a vast number of shades and weaves in the original 2019 HOH range, we created the subtle shades and textures of Thistledown Marl for 2020.
This year, it’s all about colour, and we’re celebrating it.

Our aim is to highlight colours to combine with the fabrics that we have already created in previous collections. Expanding the colour combinations to best display the natural beauty of wool. We’ve kept it simple, using only one intricate weave, no marls or coloured yarns included that detract from the pure colours that we’ve chosen.

Last year “Demoiselle Teal” was the highlight of the Thistledown Marl collection & we have less than 10 metres remaining. Like many of you will already know our collections are 100% unique and non-repeatable, so once it's gone.... it's gone!

HOH ‘21 Teal

A lot has changed at Fabworks over the last year (and everywhere else), so we decided to try a different approach and give some decision-making options to the most important people there are… Of course, that’s you!

In July, we introduced you to HOH ’21, and we chose Teal to lead with, as we knew how popular this strong colour would be. However, we were less certain about what else you might like…

We ran a survey asking you what colours you would like to see in the new collection and we were stunned by the overwhelming response. Fabworks received over 500 comments and likes on our social media platforms in less than a week. Thank you very much to all  of you who took the time to contribute. There were a few surprises for us, but we’ve taken your thoughts on board.

And here’s what we’ve come up with:

Chloe (@thepatternstash) Analysing HOH Colours

We started by creating colour combinations for a standalone collection, but we couldn’t wait to get our existing beloved HOH fabrics into the mix. 

It turns out asking for your suggestions was the easy part! We were surrounded by an explosion of colour. It took days to narrow down the suggestions. We turned to you again, generating a digital poll of the 7 most popular colours. After another successful turnout, we are delighted to announce we have sent off our remaining 5 colour samples!

Want to know how we did this? Well, after toying with several colourful fabrics from our warehouse, we simply chose the most colour infused item we could get our hands on. Thread, a small bobbin of saturated colour we were aiming to achieve.

The dyers require a physical colour sample, by using a laser to analyse the colour, they create an accurate combination of colour ingredients to make up the final dye.


HOH '21 Colour Inspiration!

And there we have it! Can’t wait to find out the colours we decided upon?

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