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You Show Off You!

You Show Off You!

Get your creation featured at Fabworks:

We’re absolutely loving seeing what people are creating with the gorgeous wools from our Heart of Huddersfield range of Yorkshire tweeds. In fact, we’ve even featured a couple already in our posts. Well we were raving about these and suddenly thought, wouldn’t it be lovely to make more of this! After all what greater pleasure is there when you’ve made something new and you’re bursting with excitement over it, than other people seeing it and hearing them cooing over your work?

So this is our call out to everyone who’s beavering away making wonderful pieces from our HoH collection. Send in a picture of your work, with a few words about it and we’ll feature the most exciting ones on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram).

Put your name to it, shout it from the rooftops, congratulate yourself… and we’ll share it with anyone and everyone!


Here’s what we’re looking for:

We want to see exactly what you’re making, why you decided to make it, what influenced you in the first place, why you chose the colour scheme or weave type that you did, why you think others should do the same.

HoH is something of a luxury but often sometimes a necessity too (we all know how happy our day is when new fabric lands in our lap😉) so what better way to show how happy and proud you are of your latest creation than to show it off to a whole community that share the same interest as you. Who knows, you might discover something you’d never even thought of!

How to get your creation featured:

Please send clear photos + a short piece of text by email to enquiries@fabworksonline.co.uk for us to be able to share your makes on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) and accredit the work to you (tagging your page, etc). If you run your own business this is a great platform to jump onto. Thousands of people visit Fabworks Online & its social media pages every week. There is nothing to lose!

All we’re asking for is clear, uncluttered and well-presented photos focusing on Fabworks’ bespoke Heart of Huddersfield range of woollen fabrics that we can share with our online community. If you want to be part of this here’s your check list:

  • Are you happy for us to post your images?
  • Do the photos display your piece well? (taken in clear light, no filters, colour distortion, pixelated, etc)
  • Is the scene/setting of the photo suitable for social media? (no cluttered bedrooms, no photos taken in a mirror)
  • Your feelings - the fabric / your influences / why you chose this project



Here’s our example of a perfect post that we’d like from you, in order to be able to share it online:

Name / Company name: Emma Redfern at Hole House
Instagram / Facebook handle: https://www.instagram.com/emmaholehouse/ (this is only if you want us to tag you)
Text: I’ve made this bag using the Marina Plaid Twill wool from the HoH range. I love using wool, not only can I stitch it on my domestic sewing machine, but it is also hard-wearing and water resistant, which means that it is the perfect alternative to leather for the home sewist when bag making I also made a leather tassel decoration to incorporate as many of the colours in the bag as possible. It’s these little details that I particularly love spending time on and I think it’s something that distinguishes a handmade bag from something that is clearly shop bought.


Emma Redfern’s post is absolutely perfect but you don’t have to be a buzzing social media influencer or running a business to get your work featured. Here’s a lovely post from one of customers who sews purely as a hobby; https://www.instagram.com/p/B3XlDvzAEah/


You can see all our posts and customer makes on Facebook here and Instagram here

Don't forget to send your work to us by email: enquiries@fabworksonline.co.uk

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