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One Week Until HoH Launch!

One Week Until HoH Launch!

Save The Date!



Monday 28th September

Fabworks Online

Fabworks Mill Shop
WF13 1EN

It's the news we've all been hoping for! The brand new Heart of Huddersfield 2020 collection is almost ready to launch and the big day is only one week away.

If you are signed up to the Early Access List then it's even closer 😉
Look out for this image on the homepage of Fabworks Online 😉

What's To Come?
If you read our blog post in the previous Bulletin you will know that the new collection consists of twelve, individual, medium weight, 100% wool fabrics that have been spun, woven & finished in Huddersfield (Yorkshire, UK).

The new medium weight arrival will be a stunning addition to the already existing HoH range, with a palette of complimentary tones that sit harmoniously within this bespoke range. It's a brand new weave type that we have invented ourselves, combining elements of both older and more modern styles.

If you missed our video Story on social media last week, we highly recommend a quick click over to the HOH menu at Fabworks Online where you will find the name of the new collection + other exciting goodies in anticipation of the launch 😉


Straight from t'mill 🏭

The new HoH collection arriving at Fabworks HQ in early September.
What colours are you anticipating?


As well as a gorgeous new collection of fabrics, we've got you covered from all angles with our HoH Overview page, which leaves no stone unturned with a page completely dedicated to every detail on everything Heart of Huddersfield related:
  • dressmaking pattern recommendations
  • demo garments made in HOH 2020 collection
  • exclusive patterns supplied by Fabworks
  • tweed handbag inspiration
  • full photoshoot of coordinating colours
  • full & detailed breakdown of product spec
  • all FAQs

Monday 28th

We'll see you for more with the next dose of HoH detailing later this week, as well as a gift for anyone on the Early Access List 😉

Find Out About Our Early Access List Here

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