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FREE: How To Make An Asymmetric Poncho/Wrap

FREE: How To Make An Asymmetric Poncho/Wrap

Here is our own take on the versatile and popular tweed poncho with video demonstrations & walkthrough from Dawn, Fabworks' product specialist, creative enthusiast and experienced sewist.

We've included demonstration videos with a written tutorial as well as suitable fabric suggestions you can team up to create this same look for yourself. It only takes one hour start to finish!

For our wrap/poncho we have used the Vintage Rouge - Padded Wool Twill for the outer layer and the Liberty - Virginia Meadow - Autumn (Cotton Flannel) to act as the lining fabric. 

For this project you will need:

  • 1m of your chosen tweed / outer layer
  • 1m of woven cotton lining / inside layer
  • 3-4 complimentary buttons
  • thread
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • sewing machine


Step 1:

Once you've picked your two fabrics (outer + lining) for your asymmetric poncho/wrap the first thing to do is to trim down the cut edges of both the outer and inside layers to square them off. Trim any extra fabric off from the selvedge to create two identical shaped fabric lengths that are both approximately 100cm long x 150cm wide

Step 2:

Step 2:

Put the two fabrics face side to face side (inside out) and pin around the edges of all 4 sides, leaving an opening of 20cm on one of the shorter sides (fabric length), then machine sew all the way around removing the pins as you go. This will leave you with what looks like an inside-out woolly throw/blanket. Trim all 4 corners down to a 45 degree angle (to reduce bulking in the corners of your poncho).




Step 3:

Bagging out! Using the 20cm opening that you've left unsewn, turn the two pieces of fabric right side out and then sew up the 20cm gap. Make sure that you have pushed all the corners through properly for a professional finish.


Step 4:

Hand sew the 20cm gap until closed. Fold the dual fabric layers (now sewn together) in half, on the width, which will you give you slightly rectangular looking square.


Step 5:

Machine sew along the pinned edge until you reach the last pin which will leave the space for your head to pop through.



Step 6:

Add complimentary buttons on the shoulder. Put the wrap on and then twirl around and show it off!



 Choosing Your Fabric:

Outer Layer: Any medium - heavyweight woven fabric is suitable for this project, we suggest woollen fabrics and especially tweeds as the natural fibre content will keep you warm and well insulated.
Inside Layer: Any light-medium weight woven fabric (preferably with a smooth finish) will work really well as it'll allow the wrap to be taken on/off easily without any friction and also for ease of movement when wearing!

Complimentary Combinations:

We've created a special selection of complimentary colour combinations for creating your own style: 1 wool outer + 1 cotton inner which you can find grouped together here


Hi there, I’d love to make this tweed poncho for my mum for mother’s Day but she’s a little lady around 4’10 ish and dress size 8/10 I was wondering if this would be too long for her and if so what you would advise for fabric measurements for this height

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