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Heart of Huddersfield ’21 Garment Makes  - Meet the Miraculous Magenta Makers!

Heart of Huddersfield ’21 Garment Makes - Meet the Miraculous Magenta Makers!

We're continuing our journey with our new Heart of Huddersfield '21 Collection. Our wonderful Fabworks Team have created some garments to show you how fantastic these new fabrics are!

Not only are our staff involved, we've also collaborated with some wonderful makers and seamstresses who's skills we've admired through Instagram.

Over the next six weeks we'll be having a chat with all of the makers about their garments, getting their opinions on the fabrics and seeing what practical advice they can offer!

If you haven't heard about our Heart of Huddersfield fabrics before, or want to find out more about how they're made, have a look at our Blog Post called Sustainability Deep-Rooted in our Heritage!

This week, to kickstart these blog posts, we sat down with one of our brilliant staff members Donna, and Sarah Webb, a passionate dressmaker from Bristol. They both chose to use ‘Miraculous Magenta’ from our new Heart of Huddersfield '21 Collection for their makes.

Donna, let's talk to you first! We’d love to hear about your sewing history and how you got into dressmaking before working here at Fabworks!

“Hi, I’m Donna! So I’ve been sewing since I was about 4 years old, I was taught by my mum.

I’ve been making clothes all my life, but I went back to college about 8 years ago and did my City & Guilds to gain a better understanding of how to create a more professional finish on my pieces.

I was a customer of Fabworks for about 11 years before I started working here."

Were you excited for this project? What did you decide to make?

"Wool is my favourite fabric to work with, so this project was perfect for me! Working with structured fabrics, such as wool, denims, heavy twills, is well within my comfort zone and if I can work with those type of fabrics I will!

I wanted to make a skirt because I decided I was going to try and wear more skirts this Winter, with some tights and boots! So, I made a skirt to try and encourage myself to do that!"

"I chose to use the ‘Miraculous Magenta’  for my main body of the skirt, this colour is definitely within my colour palette, and it is a colour that I would wear the most.

Alongside the Magenta I chose to use the 'Grapevine – Herringbone' from the first Heart of Huddersfield Collection in 2019 for the contrasting panel down the front. I needed a lighter weight wool to sew on top of the main body for the panel, so 'Grapevine' was perfect for that and it also complements the 'Magenta'."

The two fabrics together look beautiful, did you line your skirt at all?

"I used ‘Nouveau Nights – Jewel Jacquard’ for the lining but I actually chose to use it on the wrong side, I thought the colourway of the pattern suited the 'Magenta' so well as it’s got plum tones running through it which really complements the two main fabrics."


It's such a quirky, unusual style of skirt! It really is lovely, which pattern did you use for this?

"To make the skirt, I used 'The Wrap Skirt – Makers Atelier Pattern' that can be found in 'The Essential Collection Book'; I’ve not made a 'Makers Atelier' Pattern before, so I thought I’d give it go! I’ve been wanting to use one of her patterns because of how clean and simple the silhouettes are."


"I absolutely love asymmetrical clothing! I’m not a big fan of symmetry so I was certain I was going to make something that was a bit unconventional so when I found this pattern in the book, I knew I had to make it.

The pattern only allows a 1cm seam allowance though so I toiled the skirt first to make sure I knew how to make it as there wasn’t much room for error. Especially as I didn’t know whether it was going to work, that is, the fabric and the pattern together, but I’m so glad it did and I love how the skirt turned out."

We can't wait to see you wearing your skirt around the Mill Shop after this!
Is there any advice you'd give to anybody looking to buy some of our Heart of Huddersfield Fabrics?

"To anyone who’s recently bought some HOH fabrics, I would recommend using an overlocker to reduce the amount of shedding and fraying, for ease when sewing! Especially for beginners.”

Your skirt has turned out amazingly well Donna, we adore the asymmetrical silhouette! And we really love how you used the Nouveau Nights Lining on the opposing side! It just proves how versatile our Jacquard Linings are and how they can be used in more ways than one!
Click here to view our original Instagram post on Donna's skirt!
Let's move over to you Sarah, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started sewing?

"Hello, I am Sarah Webb and I have been dressmaking since the nuns taught me at boarding school, over 50 years ago. I make all my own clothes as well as some for friends and family.

Sewing is my way of expressing my creativity and is a passion (healthy obsession) of mine! It is becoming more difficult to find fabric shops, so I was delighted to discover Fabworks, both the shop and the website."

What colours did you choose for your HOH project?

"This year customers were consulted about what they would like to see, and the resulting bright colours are right up my street! Colour is another obsession!

I used the 'Magenta' from the HOH ‘21 collection for my outfit. I then combined the Magenta with 'Buddleia Purple' from the HOH ‘20 'Thistledown Marl Collection'. There are several colour combinations that would work together but these two in particular 'spoke' to me. I like the different textures too."


We love the Magenta and Purple combination! What did you decide to make? Tell us all about it!

"I made trousers and a waistcoat. I love colour blocking and the patterns I used lent themselves to this. I used a vintage pattern, Vogue 2649 for the trousers, but any trouser pattern with a centre seam would work. The waistcoat is Diane Ericson, 'Fault Lines' which is still available online!"

“I steam-pressed the fabrics to soften them slightly and make sure there was no shrinkage when making them. The 'Purple' was more drapey than the 'Magenta', and I decided that lining the trousers was necessary; I used one of the new fabric from the Jewel Jacquards called 'Floriental (Fuchsia & Gold)'. Being a Viscose / Acetate mix means it is more suitable to line Wool and there are lots of gorgeous designs that are just too good to only be on the inside!"

Your outfit is absolutely fantastic! Are you pleased with how it's turned out?

"I am so pleased with my new outfit which will get plenty of wear this Winter. Fabworks has lots of shirting cottons if I want to change the shirt that I have already made with fabrics from their range.

I would absolutely recommend these fabrics. Great quality British Wool at a reasonable price - what more could I ask for? I applaud Fabworks' decision to produce their own limited range of Wools and have actually bought some every year since they started. I love the fact that these are made locally from sustainable Wool, which would otherwise be wasted. Jackets, coats or structured suits would be perfect in them - even a pinafore dress, and why not combine 2 or more colours?

The 'Uber Ultramarine - Twill Melton' has my name on it next, I can see a pinafore dress being my next make - better get on with some alterations for people so I can indulge!"

Our favourite part of your outfit Sarah is the colour-blocking detail! It's created such a strong, statement outfit and really shows how you can combine the different colours within our 'Jewels of Yorkshire Collection'. Thank you for telling us all about it!

Where can we find more of your makes and creations?

"You can see my makes on Instagram as @sarahjw70. I have discovered a supportive, inspiring sewing community on Instagram and even met several people in person who have become friends!"

Click here to view our original Instagram post on Sarah's outfit!
It was so lovely to speak to you both, and you have such nice things to say about our Heart of Huddersfield Fabrics as well. Thank you both for taking part in this project, we’re glad you enjoyed it! The fantastic garments that have been made are outstanding!
Next week we’ll be speaking to two more makers, stay tuned to find out which colour is next...!

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