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Heart of Huddersfield 2023

The Crosshatch Chronicles

Originally scheduled for 4th September, we didn’t think it was appropriate to show you Chapter 4’s cosy HoH wools during a UK heatwave, so we held off until the nice weather had passed! 😅

Introducing the fourth & final instalment of the 2023 Story, bringing together the entire Heart of Huddersfield ensemble, with style inspiration, the benefits of working with wool, how to colour coordinate, and a sustainability reminder.

We are over the moon to be able to showcase this utterly unique collection alongside all the extras that you need to curate perfect A/W makes using Yorkshire-made tweed. Tha knows there’s nowt better!

Wool fabric at the heart of your A/W sewing. Why? 🐑

Wool has a unique naturally crimped 3D structure which attributes to some brilliant properties & makes it a great fabric to wear throughout all the seasons.

Naturally Breathable: This amazing 3D crimped structure promotes air circulation allowing air to pass through the fabric, allowing for circulation and ventilation for your skin to breathe, keeping you cool.

Shower Resistant: Sheep naturally produce a waxy substance called lanolin. As sheep live outdoors, this naturally occurring wax helps to protect sheep from the elements, naturally shedding water & keeping them dry. This same property is retained within the wool fibres when spun into yarn.

Moisture Absorbing: The moisture-retentive superpowers of wool! It’s hydrophilic core gives wool the ability to wick away moisture keeping you dry and comfortable – this possibly one of our favourite properties because you can stay fresh when wearing wool, from autumn right through to spring!

Naturally Odour Resistant: As the moisture is wicked away from your skin there is no build up of sweat and bacteria, thus reduces any odour! When you do feel the need to give your wool a freshen up, simply hang it out and let the natural breathable fibres do all the work, airing out the fabric. More time for sewing!

Stain Resistant: The naturally occurring lanolin (waxy substance) is not easily removed by washing, therefore adding an extra layer of stain resistance, as substances are not absorbed by the fibres.

Fire Resistant: Wool continues to amaze us with a natural ability to self extinguish flames when caught alight. Due to the high nitrogen and water content in wool, fire is suffocated as there is less oxygen to burn! Wool tends to smoulder rather than burn and only does so for a short time, so it won’t stick to your skin ~ a natural life saver!

Heat Insulating: Wool's 3D structure traps air to regulate body temperature. The millions of natural air pockets give a natural layer of insulation, perfect for keeping you warm during those chillier days!

Shape Retention: The amazing 3D structure of wool is essentially millions of tiny springs that allow the fibres to bounce back into shape. Wool has the ability to stretch to around 70% of its natural length and still spring back into its natural form. Wool retains its durability and appearance much longer than other materials, extending its longevity & thus the initial investment of wool will serve you better for longer whilst still looking amazing.

Sustainability: Not only will your woollen garments last longer than most other fibres, sheep grow a fleece of wool in just 1 year, giving a renewable source of wool fleeces year after year. When wool does get to the end of its life, it breaks down slowly fertilising the ground along the way & releasing nitrogen back into the nutrient cycle. Wool can completely degrade after 6 months in the ground, compared to synthetic fibres which can take 30-40 years to degrade.

Sustainability at the heart of this years collection

It wouldn’t be 2023 without emphasis on sustainability. Backed by our dislike of fast fashion, Fabworks is no different and we are keen to encourage everyone to join us with a commitment to sustainability. As is widely known, almost all Fabworks stock is sourced as deadstock from industry, usually leftover from garment manufacture.

Fabworks has applied the same principals when creating the Heart of Huddersfield 2023 collection, buying leftover yarn (in limited quantities) to incorporate as many sustainable-friendly practices as possible to make this beautiful collection, with the volume of yarn dictating the volume of fabric that can be woven. This does limit the quantity of fabric available & in-stock, but another reason why this exclusive collection is so unique; there is no possibility of a repeat collection. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Project Planning: Autumn/Winter Sewing 🍂

The Crosshatch Chronicles collection of 2023 gives us a mediumweight supple wool tweed that is suited to just about all garment outerwear styles, as well as a host of soft furnishing facilities. Now is the time to start planning how best to use your fabric.

The Crosshatch Chronicles are perfect for structured garment styles as well as loose fitting ensembles. Whilst we are busy working away at our own Heart of Huddersfield makes, let us inspire you with a variety of garment styles that we've handpicked especially so that you're ready for when you get your hands on it!

Coatigans & Light Easy Jackets

Quick makes that will add rich colour to any outfit!

Try your hand at loose fitting unstructured garments perfect for an afternoon make! The Sew Different Biker Jacket Cardi pattern is an ideal make for a pop-it-on garment, perfect to take you from Autumn through to Spring.

Shackets & Utility Styles

The Crosshatch Chronicles mediumweight & stability make it the perfect candidate for
structured utility styles!

The Ilford Jacket from the Friday Pattern Co is suitable for
confident beginners. With plenty of options for your own personal
touches. This pattern will add some serious personality to your wardrobe!

Long Coats & Big Jackets

When its really chilly outside and there's frost on the ground you need a hug in a garment.

We recommend The Coat by indie pattern company The Avid Seamstress. A super classy chic silhouette compromising of flattering princess seams and clever in-seam pockets. A garment that is timeless and sophisticated without the time-consuming tailoring.

Lighter Layers

When the seasons are changing sometimes we need
an extra layer to transition into the cooler weather.

The Jemima Waistcoat is a sophisticated layer, offering an uptake in
skill level for those who want a bit more to get their teeth into!
Show off your new skills with multiple fabrics in one garment,
or even using the same fabric cut in different directions, perfect for
displaying the colours of the Best Block Checks.

Dresses & Skirts

The Best Block Checks are ideal fabrics for lovely layers like pinafore dresses & creating smarter styles suitable for day through to evening wear.

The Scoop Pinafore dress is an easy afternoon project.

Free Poncho Pattern!

What's more sustainable than a paper free pattern offering zero waste!
1m of these woolly wonders can create this stylish sophisticated poncho!

Follow Dawn as she creates this poncho in our video tutorials just 1m of fabric and 1m of lining.

'Tis approaching the season for giving, this would make the perfect gift for a loved one,
or even join them for an afternoon of sewing together!

Soft Furnishings in the home

With a rub count of 20,000 The Crosshatch Chronicles are stable enough
for creating soft furnishings too!

Create soft furnishings like cushion covers, sofa throws & door stops,
or if you're really feeling adventurous try covering a footstool,
making a bling or even reupholster your sofa or chair!

How To Coordinate

Take it from garment to outfit with coordinating lightweight Warp Linens.

As well as featuring the collection of the 6 Crosshatch Chronicles, welcome aboard a curated & complementary palette of 5 linen/cotton fabrics, dyed by Fabworks to work perfectly with the gorgeous woolly block checks!

Use these rich and vibrant lightweight Warp Linens as skirts, shirts & underlayers to team up with Crosshatch Chronicles outerwear garments such as the Cordelia Trousers + Ilford Jacket to create a wardrobe of wonder for the dullest of days.

We'll show you our in-house makes in a few weeks once they're all ready! 😍 🧥

New Logo! 🏷

Finishing In Style

To mark the 5th year of Heart of Huddersfield we've spruced up the logo with more cohesive styling, whilst incorporating it as a sew-in hanging loop so that you can add that finishing touch to your wintery woolly makes with style.

If you purchase The Crosshatch Chronicles as a cut length, you will receive a complimentary hanging loop for each fabric ordered.

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