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My Fabworks Great Day Out

My Fabworks Great Day Out

I have had a day at Fabworks! The exclamation mark indicates the degree of excitement about this fact. It felt a little like being a child on a huge treat, though I did restrain myself from asking ‘Are we there yet? as we sped up the motorway. Fabworks is not exactly round the corner from us, so it meant a very early start, and we had decided to make a little break of it and stay up on the Yorkshire moorland for a couple of days afterwards. When I say I had a day at Fabworks, I mean I arrived within half an hour of opening time and left as they locked up behind me. Yes, it was that much of an Aladdin’s cave, and full of such tempting fabrics.

I was privileged to be allowed to go behind the scenes, and see the warehousing upstairs where the number of fabrics far exceeds those currently online. I also saw how the rolls of fabric that arrive are folded onto the cardboard formers that make them easier to manhandle and cut to length, and the team who diligently process our orders to be sent out in the afternoon collection of neat, plastic covered packages. My guide for my 'tour' was Dawn, a real fabric guru. She has worked in textiles all her working life, and what she does not know about how fabrics behave, and indeed misbehave, is not worth knowing. We spent a wonderful time creating combinations of fabrics, hunting for best matches and contrasts, and swapping notes on how fabrics we have made into clothes have turned out. 

Dawn, George and myself (back to camera) looking at the selection of ponte jerseys in the warehouse


I tried to be good, honestly. I took a sum of cash and told myself that other than for buying upholstery fabric for having a sofa re-covered if we found some (we did), I would not exceed my budget in notes. That fell by the wayside over the course of the day, but I came away very happy.

The shop itself sells not just fabrics but notions, and many useful dressmaking bits and bobs, but it is the sheer variety and quality of the fabrics that is so stunning. Handling a fabric is very important because clothing has to feel right against the skin or other fabrics, and the tactile element is vital. It also has to be said that however good a swatch may be, it is even better when one can look at a fabric for drape and suitability on the larger scale. The shop fabrics are not all the same as those online, though a few were 'old friends’ off the website. I think you know your Fabworks addiction has gone a long way when you look at a fabric and know how much is left without reading the label. I did that several times.

I can also say that there is so much more exciting fabric to be revealed online throughout the summer, though exactly which ones and when will be as much a nice surprise to me as to all of you.

If you do get the chance to go to Dewsbury and have your own Grand Fabworks Day Out, do it, and if you go with other MYO fabric lovers, even better. You will have a great time, even if your wallets empty.

Here's the page where you too can plan your very own visit to Fabworks Mill Shop

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