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More Reveals: All Heart of Huddersfield 2020 Details; Coming Very Soon

More Reveals: All Heart of Huddersfield 2020 Details; Coming Very Soon

Autumn winter sewing plans are creeping into our thoughts… so it’s time to re-visit our wonderful all wool Heart of Huddersfield range and let you in on a few secrets about the new collection that’s coming very soon. The anticipation is rapidly mounting, and we are bursting to tell you more so here are a few exciting reveals about this imminent new arrival (without us spoiling all of the fun).

We can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Even if we cannot see it the pandemic which has ruled all of our lives for 6 months or more, has had a huge bearing on just what we had the capacity to achieve with 2020’s woollen collection. With the factories and mills closed and Fabworks’ own business operating on a skeleton staff, these difficult times meant that designing, sourcing, manufacturing, approving, photographing, marketing and many other processes were all impacted. Creating something new and bespoke is challenging anyway, but when times are tough, we all know to knuckle down together and work even harder to make sure that momentum is not lost. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes beautiful things are sure to come…

It’s now the beginning of September and we’re only a few short weeks away from launch day, so we’re here to divulge some of the facts; Heart of Huddersfield is designed by us and is of course a brand new never-seen-before collection of fabrics: all wool; spun, woven, dyed and finished in the heritage-steeped renowned mills of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Our new collection for 2020 has been designed to supplement, complement, and fill in the gaps of the existing range that launched in September 2019.

We like to think of Heart of Huddersfield as a wardrobe full of key pieces; different layers to create the ultimate natural fibre workable wardrobe:

  • Light/medium weight Herringbones and Birdseyes for hard-wearing skirts, pinafore dresses, waistcoats, jackets, lightweight coats and capes
  • Medium weight – 2020 Coming soon
  • Medium/heavy weight Marled Melton for your cosier and more structured styles such as overcoats, bomber jackets, parkas and pea coats
  • Heavy weight Yorkshire Meltons that have that are hard-wearing and sturdy, perfect for A/W outerwear such as jackets and coats as well as bags, hats, caps and all those cosy home furnishing accessories to warm us through the colder months!

When designing the 2020 collection our main focus was the handle of the fabric, we felt that the range needed a softer & less structured wool that would be perfect to create those go-to garments such as your favourite throw-on cardy or coatigan, the pieces that you reach for when you need a reassuring hug in fabric form: soft, malleable and easy going.  The one that is wearable with everything else…

We can officially announce that Heart of Huddersfield 2020 will consist of 12 different all wool fabrics of a light/medium weight, with the same weave throughout and limited stock levels of each colour (not to be repeated). These 12 fabrics will coordinate with all 2019’s designs and will sit harmoniously alongside the existing Heart of Huddersfield range. One weave, one weight, one type of fabric, 12 different colours; semi-solid hues with a beautiful texture and super soft yet stable handle, with an added layer of cosiness and exclusivity. Introduce the HoH fabrics to your wardrobe with stand-alone pieces or add to your existing bespoke makes for coordinating styles.

For the sceptics who are not as excited as us, these wool fabrics are by no means plain and boring. Just like our own human hair, wool is a natural fibre and has multi tones, like the natural Yorkshire landscape; built up of varied countryside, rambling moorland, rugged dry-stone walls, and patchwork fields. This wool collection will reflect the tones of our inspiring region and its natural scenery.

The Heart of Huddersfield season is almost upon us, so get your sewing patterns, scissors, needles and thread ready for soft, supple, medium weight, textured, woven woolly loveliness.

Our next entry to the blog will contain all the information for how to sign-up for exclusive early access to the collection launch before anyone else. Be sure not to miss it! 

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